Dec 9, 2021

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Did You Say That? Reactions as Nigerian Ex-Senator Says Watching Tiwa Savage’s Tape Can Make Him Faint

  • Senator Shehu Sani’s reactions to Tiwa Savage’s leaked tape on social media continue.
  • The former Kaduna Central Senator had the users asked social media not to send him the leaked tape because it might knock him out
  • Senator Sani said the last time he was hospitalized was when someone accidentally passed him on sent a similar clip

Shehu Sani, the former senator who represented Kaduna Central in the Eighth Senate, resolved on Tuesday, October 19 , received violent reactions on Facebook when he said Tiwa Savage’s leaked tape could make him pass out unknown person who had blackmailed them with a leaked adult band v on her and her boyfriend.

The Afrobeats singer refused to give in to the threat of the blackmailer and the video clip was eventually featured on various social media platforms.

The development led to violent reactions in the social media, as many different views were spread about it.

However, Senator Sani’s reaction was noticeable when he warned social media users not to send him the clip.

He posted on Facebook:

“Warning; Please don’t let anyone send me the video of Tiwa so I don’t pass out. The last time someone accidentally sent me a similar clip, I was in the process of recording for a day. I’m fragile. “

The Senator’s contribution surprised many and caused heated reactions.

A Facebook user, Kareema Abdullahi said:

“Did you say that?”

Senator Sani replied in affirmative and asked Kareema not to send him the clip.

Felicia Ephraim said:

“Wait zaddy️ did you just say fragile or I should “

Ochuka Addamna DakTek said:

” Why does he think he’s going to pass out? Oga, you look at each other countless times. You can’t talk about fainting at something you don’t know the content of. I haven’t seen it and I’m not interested, so there is no way I can talk about fainting. “

Prefer Uchechukwu said:

“Everyone should mind their business and leave Tiwa because everyone makes their own and is in it. “

In the midst of Lea ked’s intimate drama, Tiwa Savage gets the street named after her in Lagos

In the midst of it all, Tiwa still gets the well-deserved award as Lagos Street was named after her.

2baba’s wife and actress Annie Idibia, who jogged , came over the street sign and congratulated Tiwa Savage.

With a funny accent, Annie praised the crooner from Somebody’s Son and assured the young ladies out there that someone’s son would find her.