May 27, 2022

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Dog Sleeping With Human Video: What Nigeria Law Says About Sex With Animals, and Other Things You Need to Know –

  • Earlier, a viral video of a woman claiming to be sleeping with dogs for money sparked heated discussions in the community and on social media, as did a trending video of a dog having an affair with a woman
  • Police spokesman Muyiwa Adejobi quoted in his reaction what the law says about “sodomy” since the lady in the viral video was declared wanted
  • Meanwhile, in a chat, a doctor shed more light on the diseases that accompany people when they sleep with animals and why it’s not often talked about in politics

Nigerian police authorities have said they are looking for a woman who said she sleeps with dogs, in video footage that went viral during Law Week .

Force spokesman Muyiwa Adejobi said the police will conduct proper sub investigation into the matter and prosecuting them and many others involved in such “dirty acts” accordingly, reports BBC Pidgin.

Adejobi made this disclosure after the recent ones Conversations that made headlines about women sleeping with dogs for the sum of N1.5 million a night, a conversation that has been making waves on social media in the Nigerian space lately.

The screenshots of how people reacted to the development, photos and videos went viral online and dominated the Twitter page.

This led to the claims that some women in Lagos State are engaging in intimate relationships with dogs because of the money they receive.

Police Response

The above allegation triggered a heated debate on social media. Even the police spokesman cannot help but react to the development and quote what Nigerian law says about it.

He wrote:

“ Can you see this? Read it so we’ll tell ’em, oo, ’cause they all accept the dirty business. The law condemns it, our tradition condemns it, all practicable religions condemn it, so what do we want. My opinion.”

Meanwhile, in the video that went viral, a woman said, “I’m sleeping with a dog , I don’t kill anyone.”

What the law says

In Nigeria, sleeping with animals is a crime, which they call bestiality.

The penalty is 14 years in prison for anyone found guilty.

Section 214 of the Criminal Code states that “Every person that—(1) contrary to the order of nature has carnal knowledge of a person; or (2) has carnal knowledge of animals; or (3) allow a male to gain carnal knowledge of him or her against the order of nature; is guilty of a felony punishable by fourteen years imprisonment.”

Section 284 of the Criminal Code states: “Whoever has carnal intercourse against the natural order with any man , woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment of up to fourteen years and a fine.”

What it means in science to sleep with animals

The scientific name for intimate contact with animals or between humans and non-humans is bestiality.

It’s an aspect of sexual behavior that humans don’t understand.

< p class="align-left">According to the journal Public Health of Nigeria, scientific research knows how many people are involved in bestiality, what drove them to sleep with animals and the risk of sexual and non-sexual violence low.

A study they carried out between Studies conducted in Virginia in 20023 and 2007 showed that of all 1,248 sexually violent predators, 33 (2.6%) have a history of sodomy.

These people are more likely to Victims of childhood sexual abuse who engage in non-sexual abuse of animals and the like have committed child sexual abuse.

“You are most likely reporting sexual contact with dogs and exhibiting a different type of sexual behavior.”

What are the medical implications?

The journal that states the risk of bestiality talked about the following:

1. Zoonosis

Dogs transmit zoonosis. The disease transmitted from animals to humans such as bacteria, fungi and viruses and parasites. They caused different kinds of diseases that can kill someone.

2. Leptospirosis

It is a bacterial infection transmitted through animal urine.

3. Echinococcosis

It is a parasitic disease of tapeworms.

4. Rabies

This is a contagious viral disease that can kill someone very quickly.

5. Cancer of the penis

6. High risk of head injury

7. Allergies

A doctor, Dr. Christopher Otabor from Alliance Hospital, Abuja, said in an interview with BBC Pidgin that some of these diseases are difficult to cure and people hardly survive them.

He added that one of the things that kills them quickly and complicates things, it’s a shame to disclose.

The doctor said the disease was very common but people hardly ever got it talk about it and the media would not cover it as they should for reasons of privacy and secrecy.

Dr. Otabor said:

“As a person that I am, it is demeaning to have intercourse with animals such as dogs and horses, it is not normal at all, no matter what the financial benefits are.. Spiritually it is not good, human it’s not good, however you put it, it’s not good.”

It’s very common among people who live with their animals at home and many others who secretly do this behind the camera.

Social media has contributed to the gradual popularization of the case, and studies show that 4% of men and about 1.9 % of women in the world are doing it, some countries are even working to legalize it.

Doctor confirmed:

“It is not possible for someone who has been working in this field for many years and is still alive, in my 23 years of medical practice I have met quite a few people with such diseases b eeg, which are not normal for people to get just like that, test results don’t show anything like the diseases we know, if we try everything we’ll just leave them to their fate, but we’ll keep our suspicions to ourselves.

“Some of them die because they don’t agree open themselves to quick medical intervention.

“Mental disorders are treatable and manageable. Psychotherapy is one of the ways to deal with such people or patients. Bestiality is just one of the many perversions that exist.”

Dr. Otabor added that it is not the first time such an issue has gone viral and research is ongoing on the subject.

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