Sep 19, 2021

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‘Don’t throw away our legacy’, Babandede admonishes officers

In a passionate and moving farewell message to the officers at NIS Headquarters in Abuja, Babandede reminded them of the importance of NIS to maintain and build on past successes in order to be a globally recognized agency of value / p>

He said, “Yes, immigration has improved and achieved a lot, but we have achieved all of this together because every step and decision made for these achievements was with everyone’s input and suggestions was made.

“Therefore I can confidently say that I am proud to be leaving NIS today better than I got to know it, and I urge you all to continue the good work there, where we left off.

“I’m going, but I’m not throwing away the work we have done. Keep building on that and I will continue to be NIS Ambassadors for my part because I don’t have a larger institutionthan these. ”

Although he appreciates President Muhammadu Buhari for giving him the opportunity to serve Nigeria in the capacity of Comptroller General of Immigration, he apologizes for all officials he may have during his And forgives them equally that wronged him.

The Assistant Controller General (DCG) in charge of finance and accounting, Isah Jere, who will also be the incumbent CG before a new CG described the progress made during Babande’s tenure as unprecedented.