Aug 4, 2021

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Ebube Agu: Northern Community in Abia Demands Inclusion in New Security Outfit

– Ebube Agu’s newly introduced safety outfit in the southeast seems like a sweet bride for some groups.

– The Hausa / Fulani community in Abia state says they want to be part of the outfit.

– The group has also been fired rumors that they have criminal elements in their herd

The Hausa / Fulani community at the regional cattle market in Abia, Lokpanta, has requested that Ebube Agu be included in the safety outfit.

Community leader , Cattle dealers and allied traders in the market who turned to journalists on Monday April 19 also rejected rumors that they were harboring armed shepherds and bandits.

Vanguard quoted one of the community leaders, Buba Kedemure, during the briefing as saying:

“The claim is a calculated attempt by some angry elements inside the community and outside the cattle market to the host community and the government to stimulate against our community. “

The heads of state or government lamented the negative effects of the rumor, which they said had caused fear in the northern community in the market and thus a return to the mass exodus of the northerners to the north.

Kedemure also called for the Hausa / Fulani community to be included in the regional security outfit of Ebubeagu, which was recently expelled by the governors of the southeast. < / p>

He said they would accept any government-issued safety outfit while arguing that the entire Fulani shouldn’t be stigmatized for having some bad eggs among them.

King Obi wrote:

“It’s a welcome development. Work with them, but be smarter and unique about your duty. “

Amos Sunday Tom wrote:

” Let Hisbah recruit Yoruba and Igbo first, others can allow Hausa and Fulani to team up with the security outfit . “

Adewunmi Adedamola Ayinde wrote:

” The governors should not agree. You should only give them protection as long as they obey the law. “

Chidera Ezike wrote:

” Our brothers in Abia State should protest against this planned movement, people should take to the streets against this plan go, which is not possible in Igbo country. “

Victor Elisha wrote:

” If the governors ever agree to this, the supposed security, although not against the northerners, has been jeopardized. “

Eddy Igbokwe wrote:

“As far as I am against innocent northerners who live, work or do their legitimate business in the East and are harassed or attacked for any reason They should be kept out of the Eastern Security Service. ”

The decision was made after governors and stakeholders of the region held a security meeting in Imo state on Sunday, April 11th .

Remember Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu said the new security outfit will monitor and monitor vigilante activities within the geopolitical zone.

According to him, the governors came together to create synergies and find out how best to protect the lives and property of citizens in the Southeast.