Dec 9, 2022

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Economic Meltdown: FG Appeals to Airline Operators to Reconsider Planned Strike –

  • The Air Ministry announces that it has begun lobbying relevant authorities, institutions and individuals to find a solution to the incessant increase in jet fuel
  • Meanwhile, the Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, said that the aviation fuel issues outside of his remit will also shut down international affairs

Following airlines’ announcement that they would suspend operations on Monday 9 May, the federal government has urged operators to reconsider their decisions, reports Daily Trust.

This appeal was made by the Secretary of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, via a statement by his Special Assistant for Public Affairs, James Odaudu. on Saturday, May 7 in Lagos.

According to the statement, the minister acknowledged that the difficulties fac reported by airlines due to the incessant increase in the cost of aviation fuel.

Aviation fuel issues are not within my remit – Minister tells airlines

Meanwhile Minister says he understands their plight but “there is little what his department might do as the issue of aviation is not within his remit.”

The statement reads:

“The attention of the Honorable Secretary of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, has been drawn to reports that the country’s air transport system will shut down from Monday 9 May as a result of rising costs for Jet A1, aka jet fuel.”

“We also recognize that in the business of airlines are to make profits while doing the very critical hen sector, which is not only the preferred mode of transport for most Nigerians, but also the nation’s most important international gateway into Nigeria.”

The minister said, however, even though the ministry is not authorized to mediate in aviation fuel related matters, it will contact the relevant authorities, institutions and individuals to offer a permanent solution to the problem.

The statement also revealed that a committee chaired by the Air Minister himself has already begun lobbying those relevant authorities on behalf of the airlines and considering the devastating impact it will cost Nigeria if the strike continues.

The statement reads:

“While efforts are being made to address the ongoing situation, we would like to appeal to airlines even in the difficult situation, to consider the multiplier effect of the cessation of operations on Nigerians and global travelers when making their business-informed decisions and actions.

< blockquote>“We also assure Nigerians, especially those in the industry, that the Buhari government remains stoic in its commitment to creating and maintaining an environment conducive to the growth of the airline industry, in which major players such as airlines can operate in a profitable and competitive market.”