Dec 9, 2021

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Electoral Amendment Bill: Senate president Meets Buhari, Shares Details of Meeting

  • Dr. Ahmade Lawan, President of the Nigerian Senate, held a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, November 22nd.
  • Lawann said the National Assembly should not use the Nigerian leader to sign the electoral amendment law
  • The Senate and the House of Representatives had previously passed the law amending the electoral law, which allows direct primaries

Abuja – The National Assembly does not have to be Nigeria’s President Urging Muhammadu Buhari to sign the Election Amendment Act in its current form.

Senate President Ahmad Lawan told journalists on Monday, November 22, after a meeting Buhari. with at the State House in Abuja, reports the Premium Times.

According to Lawan, the submission of the bill to the President shows that NASS members have already expressed their positions on issues to the President

noting that Buhari will not be influenced by external forums. In order to carry out his duties under the bill, Lawan added that the president did the proper Procedures will be followed.

In another report by the Nigerian Tribune, the President of the 9th Senate urged All Governors of the Progressive Congress (APC) to be involved in providing a direct primary provision in the Electoral law are not satisfied to liaise with lawmakers and other political stakeholders.

Although not all governors oppose the use of direct primaries to select candidates for Political parties, Lawan said the inclusion of the provision in the bill would be a decision by the majority of the National Assembly.

2023: Gbajabiamila meets Buhari, shares the president’s stance on direct primaries

This mode of primaries enables all members of political parties who carry a card to be involved in the selection of candidates for important elections.

The governor reacts to the law amending the electoral law and says the governors are not afraid of direct primaries

In a similar development, Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello responded on Wednesday November 10th to the harmonization of the law amending the electoral law by members of the National Assembly.

He said that some governors will find that the political positions of some lawmakers are wrong.

Bello went on to say that he believed that no governor would sell his tickets as often Members of the National Assembly reported.