Sep 21, 2021

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End your strike, all debts will be settled, minister tells doctors

  • Doctors have been asked to immediately end the ongoing strike in favor of Nigerians
  • According to Minister of Health Osagie Ehanire, President Muhammadu Buhari’s government will settle all debts
  • This was announced by the Minister at the briefing of the Presidential Committee on COVID-19 on Monday, September 13th

Osagie Ehanire, Minister of Health, has called on local doctors to end the ongoing strike.

On August 1st, the National Association of Resident Doctors went on strike (NARD) among other things because of “irregular salary payments”.

Efforts by interest groups, including the House of Representatives, to mediate between the Federal Government and the general practitioners did not produce any results. < / p>

At the meeting of the Presidential Committee on COVID-19 on Monday, say te Ehanire doctors should go back to work as all debts would be paid.

“Last week, His Excellency the President received the leadership of the Nigerian Medical Association in audience and appealed to him in his remarks doctors on strike, to resume their duties, and for those who think about it, opt for a peaceful solution so as not to endanger the lives of citizens, “he said.

” He reminded us that his government has a solid track record of paying off debts, even debts that the previous government took over or ignored. Therefore, the resident doctors are assured from the highest authority in the country that all debts will be paid if they are checked and validated finish and get back to work. Nigeria has been lucky so far with the relatively minor impact of COVID-19 and we need to keep our preparation optimal. We cannot afford to go too far with our happiness. ”

Nigige to striking doctors: Be humble and carry yourself with dignity

Meanwhile, the Minister of Labor and Employment, Chris Ngige, has advised the country’s striking doctors to be humble and behave with dignity.

The minister gave advice at one Speech at a summit on Thursday, August 12th, Ngige, a doctor, responded to the current doctors’ strike in the country.

The minister expressed concern about the state of health across the country and asked the doctors not to play God or compete with God.

Doctors’ strike: APC governor’s intervention stalled

In Meanwhile, it was reported that the ongoing strike by the general practitioners would continue as the House of Representatives intervened in the dispute between the Government and NARD stalled after two-day session marathons.

The House Health Services Committee on Tuesday, August 10, failed to convince resident doctors of ongoing industrial action across the country.

Chair of the Health Services House Committee, Tanko Sununu, told stakeholders, including federal health ministries; Finance, budget and national planning; Work, employment and productivity all agreed to address some of the issues.