May 29, 2022

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Ensure Better Welfare for Host Communities, Ex Bayelsa Commissioner Urges IOCs –

  • A case has been initiated on behalf of host communities in the Niger Delta region that host International Oil Companies (IOCs).
  • Oil companies on this matter Region have been asked to increase their efforts to take responsibility for the well-being of the indigenous people in these host communities.
  • Meanwhile, these IOCs have been tasked to also strengthen their CSR and their Rethink job creation as a good way to keep youth busy and curb insecurity.

Rivers, Port Harcourt – Former Bayelsa State Treasury Commissioner Dr. Silva Opuala-Charles, has been campaigning for the well-being of communities hosting international oil companies (IOCs) in the Niger Delta region.

The ex-commissioner did so on Saturday, April 30 in Port Harcourt while delivering a presentation at the MCPD workshop hosted by the Rivers State Chapter of the Institute of Strategic Man ment Nigeria.

During In his presentation, he explained that IOCs should take mandatory steps to ensure the environmental health of people in host communities and that their health matters.

Similarly, the ex -Commissioner also that the IOCs should develop means to create employment opportunities for the natives leaving in the host communities in order to establish economic and industrial cooperation. Existence.

He said:

“Look what oil companies have done, they pollute not clean up. They can still do what they do and take care of the communities, take care of the environment and the host communities, hire and train them.

“If they had trained a lot Our people today in the river community and in the niger delta, and fifty percent of the employees are from that area, i don’t think they will have the problems that they have.”

Oil companies haven’t done much for CSR – former Bayelsa Commissioner

Meanwhile, Opuala-Charles revealed that oil companies in the Niger Delta region have been complacent in meeting their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments.

He explained that these companies make a huge sum of money in revenue and that this is not reflected in their CSRs.

He demanded that IOCs on that they could do better by asking the locals communities of host communities with empowerment initiatives such as training, youth-friendly competitions and many others.

< p class="align-left">Opuala-Charles explained that implementing all of these recommendations means that the IOCs are indirectly involved in the will have been able to resolve incessant instances of insecurity and some other social ills that continue to plague the region, keeping youth engaged and motivated.

He said:

< blockquote>“Young people have a lot of unused energy gy and they are looking for what to do with it. So CSR is key and I don’t think they are doing enough for CSR and sport can be an important area.”

Oil belongs to Nigeria, not Niger Delta – says Obasanjo to Edwin Clark

< p class="align-left">In another development, there was constant agitation from Niger Deltans that they were being treated unfairly despite producing Nigeria’s most important resource.

Yet , Former President Olusegun Obasanjo stated in an open letter to Niger Delta leader Edwin Clark that the resources belong to Nigeria and not the region.

Obasanjo simultaneously responded to allegations made of Clark that the ex-president hated his region, he said he did not hate the people of the Niger Delta, as Clark claimed.

I do not hate the Niger Delta, writes Obasanjo Edwin Clark

He explained that the crude oil management in the region is the prescribed provision en conforms to the Constitution.

The former leader added that he has never shown anger or despair towards the Niger Delta region or any part of the country.

Obasanjo, expressing his displeasure with the Niger Delta chief’s testimony, said he was not satisfied with the language he used to describe him.