Jun 22, 2021

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Ex-President Obasanjo Reveals What Will Happen if Nigeria Breaks Up

– Former President Obasanjo has drawn an ugly scenario of what will happen to ethnic minorities when Nigeria falls apart.

– Obasanjo said that minority groups will be oppressed and exterminated if Nigeria dissolves.

– The elderly statesman said that those who demand secessions are insensitive to the plight of the minorities

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s former president, has condemned calls by some ethnic supporters for the nation to disband.

The former president described the demand for a separation of Nigeria as inattentive and insensitive to the plight of the minorities in the country, reported Premium Times .

The former president expressed concern about what would become of the minority groups if the major tribes like Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo decided to separate and operate as separate countries reported < i> Nigerian Tribune as well.

His words:

“If the Yoruba can exist as a country, If the Igbos and the Hausa / Fulani can appear as separate countries, where should the minority groups be?

“Because of the current situation they are now a little protected, but if Nigeria dissolves they will be suppressed and exterminated. “

Obasanjo stressed the need for Nigerian leaders to take into account Nigeria’s ethnic diversity, adding that the country would not do so without making significant progress.

He also expressed the hope that the difficult times the nation was going through would not last forever.

The elderly statesman urged Nigerians to be patient as the country gathered their goodwill and moved in the right direction.

Nigerians respond to social media

Ibibia Awoju commented on Facebook:

“The Ijaws with a number between 8 and 10 meters are not a minority. Ibibios and Efiks taller than 6 feet are also a large group. How can you exterminate them in their own geographic space? Obj should say something else. The people who will be at great risk are the northern minorities. “

Idoko U Haruna said:

” Minority tribes existed and lived as independent kingdoms before the establishment of Nigeria. What is difficult in Igala, Tiv, Jukun, Ebira etc. Coming together as a nation. Some rural populations are not even a match for Kogi State. “

Oladapo David said:

” You can also stand alone. Nigeria can be divided into 6. And many African nations will not be a match for any of them after the Gambia’s population is no more than 2.7 million.

Macphill Festus said:

“Are the minority groups enjoying in so-called wrongly united Nigeria? Are they having fun? Are they not being exterminated at the moment?”

In a similar development, the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has kicked calls for secession. He said Nigeria was better as a country than separated.

He warned those who beat the drums of war to remember what such actions are like Iraq and countries to Sudan.

The APC chief announced this when he gave a speech at a special Ramadan prayer in Lagos on Sunday May 2nd. < / p>