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Farouk Yahaya: The Working, Not Talking COAS by Moses Oche –

Editor’s Note: Lieutenant General Farouk Yahaya, the Army Chief of Staff, was snatched from the heart and heat of the insurgency from the far northeast of the country to head the Nigerian army and Moses Oche, an Abuja-based public affairs analyst, says the army chief has done well since his appointment.

The diaries of this decade’s generation are filled with details of their vivid share in the historical first-hand experience of insurrections that took place during their lifetime. These extensive experiences may well be defined by the success or failure of counterterrorism efforts in our country. Since al-Qaeda first emerged in 1988 and carried out attacks on American soil in 2001, terrorism has conquered the stage on which its religiously-oriented versions have spread as weapons across the globe. Saving the world from the senseless cruelty that is the hallmark of terrorism will require sincerity and focus. Each nation has been charged with providing capable personnel, free from bigotry, nepotism and religious fanaticism, to help deal with the issues of A-level uncertainties.

However, it also requires that differences be put aside in order to deal with what is proving to be a long-term threat to human survival and continued existence. The global threat of terrorism is manifested in Nigeria as al-Wilāya al-Islāmiyya Gharb Afrīqiyyah (Islamic State West Africa Province, ISWAP), better known as Boko Haram. Other lesser-known groups have ambitions to attain Boko Haram’s prominence if allowed. With a subtle undertone of their religious confusion in the way they operate, any president who stands for justice would be wary of choosing a leader who can combat such adversity.

The National Awakening Die The true evil nature of the many Boko Haram insurgencies and banditry in recent years has fortunately been accompanied by a military dedicated to defending the country against terrorists. This evolution, which has been an ongoing struggle, has led to real efforts to combat terrorism even in the midst of intractable problems that tend to render solutions futile simply because of the division that persists even in the face of threats to the nation’s collective well-being. < /p>

President Muhammadu Buhari made another landmark decision last year by appointing Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya, a former general officer who was the 1 Following the death of Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, the former chief of staff of the Army, is a military counter-terrorism unit in the Northeast codenamed Operation HADIN KAI as the new Army Chief of Staff. Lieutenant General Yahaya was taken from the heart and heat of the insurgency from the far northeast of the country.

A proud holder of multiple awards and distinctions including Forces Service Star, Meritorious Service Star , Distinguished Service Star, Grand Service Star, Passed Staff Course (Dagger), National Defense College (Chile), Economic Community of West Africa State Monitoring Group Medal, Command Medal, Field Command Medal, General Operations Medal, Silver Jubilee Medal and Golden Jubilee Medal, through courage, selfless sacrifice and exemplary leadership, his actions prior to appointment spoke such a volume that was audible to the deaf in evidence and was an indication of the right person in position to handle security matters in Nigeria as a nation to treat. Lieutenant General Yahaya has transcended the mark of mere hero and catapulted himself into the nobility of greatness to be reckoned with around the world. One would wonder, not long after the answer to the riddle, why an army under his watch has always remained as safe as Rome under the Pope.

Over time, Lieutenant General Yahaya has proven himself qualified with unique skills such as his vast experience as a war veteran, peacekeeper and administrator with efficiency in maintaining order and stability in conflict zones across the country. This general respects every religion by showing no discrepancy in his judgments and decisions. Aside from his ability to see beyond religious fanaticism, he is loved by all for his big heart of giving and donating to the soldiers and citizens around, without showing any tolerance for worldliness in his dealings.

He’s a man who’s seriously working on instilling his happy spirit in the army. First as a human being and second as a soldier, whose shadow should be reflected in every member of the army as long as he remains the chief of the army. Those who have known Lieutenant General Yahaya since he was a youngster vociferously attest to his open-minded and compassionate manner. They know the army chief to be human and passionate about the suffering and plight of the less privileged. Anyone can easily touch their weakness irreversibly when providing aid to those in need or coming to the aid of someone in a consuming dilemma. He is kind to a mistake, humble and kind. He grew up with these attributes in his chosen profession, the Army, and displays them wherever he has served his country to reach the pinnacle of his career as COAS.

Therefore, by redirecting and reorienting the Nigerian army along these lines of greatness, Yahaya, along with his humanism, attempted to smooth relations between civilians and soldiers. His sermons to soldiers have always focused on their role as servants as opposed to overbearing masters towards Nigerians. One can persuasively conclude that President Muhammadu Buhari made an impeccable decision in appointing Lt. Gen. Faruk Yahaya as Army Chief of Staff. Everyone would applaud the President’s decision to select a thoroughly pious man, one who reveals himself to be the epitome of truth, honesty and incorruptible practices without blemish.

His contribution to The Nigerian Army has helped increase patriotism among officers and soldiers, exuding a passionate, courageous and irrevocable spirit of knowing they are final wherever Nigerian soldiers are encountered, be it on the battlefield or on the roadside in the North East to subdue evil tormenting Nigerians. At times, even in video clips from the Northeast theater of war, released at times on social media, Nigerians see soldiers jubilantly performing acts of gallantry as they triumph over Boko Haram insurgents. It is even more haunting to see troops fighting and caring for old and young, children and women mostly rescued from the terrorists and even providing first aid treatment to rescued victims. It is a symbol representative of the general excitement and humane reflection of the troops on the front lines to show rare kindness and love. It inspires and ensures the troops’ expected continued victory against Boko Haram at any cost, including the sacrifice of their lives.

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