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FG to Honour 10 Small Business Owners in Nigeria With Cars, Other Prizes as 600,000 Partake in MSME Clinics – Legit.ng

The federal government announced on Thursday, May 19th its plan to recognize small business owners who are doing well in Nigeria at the fifth National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Awards.

< p class="align-left">Adekunle-Johnson said that this has been achieved by strengthening and rewarding excellence in MSME field in Nigeria as one of these targeted interventions is the National MSME Clinics established in 2017.< /p>

Adekunle-Johnson added that the initiative has made an impact, particularly given the number of companies that have directly benefited, saying at this year’s awards that 10 brand new cars would be awarded to 10 different business owners in the country.

According to him, the cars would be won by outstanding MSMEs that have distinguished themselves through indigenous interventions. Other awards would also be won by several MSMEs across the country.

The different categories for the award include MSME Award for Excellence in Agriculture, MSME Award of Excellence in Beauty, Wellness and Cosmetics, MSME Award of Excellence in Creative Arts, and MSME Award of Excellence in Fashion and Style.

Others include MSME Award of Excellence in Leather Works, MSME Award of Excellence in Furniture and Woodwork, MSME Award of Excellence in Manufacturing and MSME Award of Excellence in Tech and innovation-driven Enterprise

His words:

” Interested MSMEs are invited to visit the website and fill out their application, (www.msmeclinics.gov.ng).

“The portal will open for applications today, Thursday, at 23:59. May 12, 2022 and ends Sunday, June 12, 2022.”

The award will take place on June 27, 2022, World MSM E Day.

Adekunle-Johnson added that the Office of the President has successfully recruited over 600,000 MSMEs in the national clinics since its inception through the initiative.

< p class="align-left"> He added that these MSMEs will get the key knowledge they need to develop their businesses.

His words:

< blockquote>“This initiative has undoubtedly been effective , especially given the number of companies that have directly benefited.”

“Initiatives such as the MSME One-Stop Shop, the Shared Facility Initiative and the National MSMEs Awards have emerged from the clinics.”

A facility that caters to small business owners

In addition, the Associate Director of Technical Desi gn and development at the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), Obassi Ettu said the initiative’s one-stop shop benefits beneficiaries with everything they need to be successful in their business.

He said:

“For example, we have the one-stop-shop with representatives from every authority or discipline that beneficiaries need.”

“If If your problem is raw materials, you have someone from the Raw Materials Research and Development Council to guide you; When it comes to standards and quality someone from NAFDAC and SON is there to help and when it comes to export there are people from NEXIM and such for IT and every discipline.”

However, Ettu said it is understandable that winners of the award must be MSMEs with domestic products or innovations.

His words:

“It has to be local and the local content has to be very high; You can’t take something from the outside and claim it’s local. We take monitoring and evaluation very seriously and we need to ensure that your products meet the standards and that you also have the necessary facilities in place.”

“Again we make sure it meets the level of your product or initiative can compete in the global space.”

FG’s MSME Intervention Fund for 2021

In 2021, the Nigerian government previously had registration for the organizes Guaranteed Decrease Stimulus Program and the General Grant for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

The application process for the grant began on Tuesday, February 9th , until February 18, 2021.

Mariam Katagum, Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment, announced that a total of 100,000 MSMEs would benefit from the program.

Introduction of MSME’s Survival Fund

In a similar development, the MSMEs Survival Fund was successfully launched on September 21, 020, by the federal government.

The FG announced the official launch of the Artisans’ Support Scheme on Thursday 1 October, Independence Day, also announced the next phase of implementation.

This was announced on Friday 2 October by the Project Delivery Office, the MSME Survival Fund and Guaranteed Offtake Plans announced.