Oct 23, 2021

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Fiery Cleric Mbaka Sends Powerful Message to Buhari on Purchase of Fighter Jets

  • Father Mbaka spoke prophetically about the method of the federal government in dealing with the insecurity in Nigeria
  • The prophet warned the government led by Buhari against to stop buying fighter jets in the name of trying to overcome terrorism
  • According to God’s message, Mbaka said the planes will eventually be used to destroy the country

Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, Enugu Spiritual Director, sent a prophetic message to President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday October 10th.

In his prophecy, the Christian cleric warned President Buhari should stop buying fighter jets, which he believes will be used to destroy the nation, reports PM News. Instead, Mbaka advised the president to start industries that will create jobs in the country.

The man of God said to the President:

“The jets you buy, will be used to collapse Nigeria.

“Please, the first person that President Buhari meets after receiving this news, should tell him that all of these jets he is buying will be used to drive Nigeria destroy. God told me to tell him that. “

Father Mbaka comments on treaty allegations

In the meantime, Mbaka had discredited claims by the presidency, that he (Mbaka) was upset with President Buhari because the Nigerian leader did not give him any assignments Allegations against him as childish and ridiculous.

However, the clergyman admitted that he had led three men to meet the President during his first term, but Mbaka stated that the men were security experts who had offered to help solve Nigeria’s security challenges End uncertainty within a month. This was under Abba Kyari. I just turned them over to the government. They just asked me to help them reach the government and offered to help the insecurity of the nation’s economy by puttin ‘. The religious leader declared that his call for President Buhari to be impeached was not out of bias and insisted that he spoke strictly under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.