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Fire Ignited By Gas Leak Stops After 9 Days, as Enugu Varsity’s Deputy VC Gives Detailed Explanation –

  • The fire that broke out nine days ago around Caritas University in the area of ​​Amorji-Nike in Enugu State stopped it
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the institution said that the fire, which lasted nine days, was mysteriously extinguished /strong>

Caritas authorities University, Amorji-Nike, Enugu said Wednesday, June 22 that the fire started from a gas leak on the premises and the facility was mysteriously stopped.

The The gas leak that started the fire that caused panic among residents in the area was also stopped.

The University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Uchenna Oji, who oversaw the development at a On-site visit confirmed the incident, said the fire had stopped by itself After several weeks of efforts by experts and relevant governments ng authorities to put out the fire.

He said the incident occurred while a well was being drilled and suddenly noticed an unusual gas leak that forced contractors to pull out their rig , and after that fire broke out of the site and defied all efforts to put it out until it passed out on its own 21 days later.

Professor Orji confirmed that as a result of the No fatalities were reported in the incident and commended the relevant government agencies, including the state government, for their hard work to ensure the fire was contained.

His words:

“No human effort to turn off the light failed to stop it, while we were still brainstorming it was reported that the fire went out on its own.”

In a speech, the governor of the state of Enugu, represented by the Ko Missor for Works, Greg Nnaji, the Gove The facility responded immediately after receiving a report of the fire and made sure that the lives and property of the citizens were protected.

An informed assessment of the situation, Nigerian Petroleum Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) Gbenga Komolafe, represented by the Authority’s Southeast Director Eronense Amadasu, said the well was properly backed up while samples were collected for further testing to to determine the volume of a hydrocarbon reservoir in the area.

He explained that upon receiving the report, NUPRC, together with other relevant authorities, immediately conducted an investigation and determined that the incident was related to drilling of a water well.


Komolafe also confirmed that there is no right-of-way for the g and that the incident was caused by the activities of some contractors working on the university campus.

His words:

“The well is now correct secured. There is a need for further investigation. In fact, samples were collected for further analysis and investigation to provide more data for proper analysis.”

Multiple efforts by state and federal fire departments, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA ) and other experts failed to put out the fire until the evening of Tuesday, June 14, when the fire quietly went out on its own.

The University’s Pro-Chancellors , Martin Anagboso, who was the first to notice the fire started, said the institution made sure the fire didn’t spread to other parts of the community.

High-level officials Officials from regulatory agencies responsible for petroleum products were present during the briefing.

Updated: Treasury Department Issues Statement Regarding Reported Fire

The Treasury Department had responded to the report of a Bra outbreak at its headquarters in the central business district of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

A statement from the ministry via its official Twitter page debunked reports that the building was on fire.< /p>

However, the ministry said that contrary to reports of a fire at its headquarters, there was an incident in the basement corridor.

Feared Deaths as fire breaks out in popular Abuja market

A fire broke out in the popular Kubwa market in FCT, Abuja on Friday evening , 5 November.

It was feared that many people died, while several people also sustained injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment.

Firefighters reportedly arrived at the scene later and tried to put out the raging fire.

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