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Flashback: How Baba Suwe Lost the Chance to Get N25m Compensation Court Asked NDLEA to Pay Him

On Monday November 22nd, Nigerians were mourned when Babatunde Omidina, the comical Yoruba actor popularly known as Baba Suwe, died.

Before his death, Baba Suwe was struggling with an unknown illness.

The actor was born on August 22nd Born in Lagos in 1958, a force that has been expected in the film industry for years, has acted in several films and won many awards.

The NDLEA ordeal

After years in the spotlight and goodwill, Baba Suwe’s problems began in 2011 when he was arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos on his way to Paris, France.

He was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking after a body scanner at the airport found suspected drugs had identified his stomach.

However, after more than three weeks in prison and 25 defecate ts, the NDLEA admitted that the deceased actor did not pass any drugs, reported BBC < / i>. He was eventually released on bail after no drugs were found.

How I was crippled after my NDLEA encounter – Baba Suwe

Though the NDLEA denied it, there were allegations that Baba Suwe was tortured while in custody. In an interview with The Punch in June 2021, the late actor said he was crippled in the hands of the NDLEA due to his experience.

His words :

“I have not forgotten my problem with the NDLEA and I will never forget it because I still endure the pain and suffering of this encounter. I’m still affected by the injuries they inflicted on me back then. “

NDLEA ordeal: My father never recovered – Adebowale Omidina

Speaking after Baba Suwe’s death, Adebowale Omidina, the late actor’s son, also said his father never recovered from his ordeal with the drug agency, according to The Cable .

Similarly, Yomi Fabiyi, one of the Nollywood actors near Baba Suwe, cursed the “who caused and supported the pain and torture” on Baba Suwe.

“Those fellow citizens who inflicted and supported you in the pain and torture, Baba Suwe for having the tools of public service, are cursed and will never experience peace,” said Fabiyi.

He added in a post on his verified Instagram page:

“The use of torture or un Legal excessive force for investigation is the purest evil and the worst malice of humanity. A serious violation of human rights. “

Baba Suwe takes the NDLEA to court

After his release, Baba Suwe brought the NDLEA to justice.

< p class = "align-left"> In 2012 an Ikeja Supreme Court ordered NDLEA to pay Baba Suwe N 25 million in damages, which the court held that the actor’s detention was a blatant abuse and violation of his rights. BBC explained further.

The court also ordered that the agency publicly apologize to the actor in two national newspapers.

However, the NDLEA refused to pay the money and went to court again to request that the payment be suspended pending a decision on their appeal by the court of appeal.

Justice Yetunde Idowu rejected the agency’s application and ordered that the N25 million be transferred to ei within 21 days According to a report by PM News .

The NDLEA has not yet paid the money, but was waiting for the appeal court’s ruling .

The professional court has destroyed Baba Suwe’s hope for damages in the amount of N 25 million

In May 2013, the NDLEA obtained a positive judgment from the court of appeal in Lagos.

Premium Times reported that the appellate court overturned N25 million in damages awarded to Baba Suwe.

In a ruling by a three-person panel of judges, the court ruled that the award of N $ 25 million to the deceased actor as compensation for the violation of his fundamental human rights was “penetrative” and “wrong.”

Justice Rita Pemu read the verdict:

“The imprisonment did not last up to a year, what then speaks for the V yield of N25 million? ”

“ There was simply no basis for this; he was held for nine days. There was no evidence of such punitive damages. The judgment is not appropriate and is therefore overturned.

The appellate court said the detention of Baba Suwe was “not inappropriate”.

The court ruled on that the NDLEA rightly requested an order from the Federal Court of Justice for the continued detention of Baba Suwe after a computed tomography (CT) and body scan revealed drug buildup in his system.

It was submitted that the decision of the Federal Supreme Court absolves the NDLEA of any guilt for the violation of the defendant’s fundamental human rights.

Baba Suwe goes to the Supreme Court

Baba Suwe, through his attorney Bamidele Aturu, contradicted the appeals court’s ruling and said he would appeal to the Supreme Court chtshof to overturn the decision of the appellate court.

He said that the matter before the court was a violation of his s fundamental rights and a criminal matter.

The lawyer stated:

” Since every arrest and detention is ‘based on something’, if the decision of the appellate court was correct or reasonable, then there can no longer be any material fundamental rights issue leading to arrest and imprisonment is based. “

Aturu dies

While the deceased was hoping for a positive verdict in the Supreme Court, his trusted attorney Aturu died Punch’s Interview:

“If my lawyer, Bamidele Aturu, were still alive, I would have received my compensation a long time ago because he is a good lawyer. He’s also a compassionate person. The man was nice. When we went to court, he really tried. If he were still alive, I would have been compensated. ”

Baba Suwe: Touching video shows how the actor’s body is lowered into the ground

On Thursday, November 25th, the veteran Nigerian actor was finally buried in his residence in Ikorodu, Lagos state.

Videos discovered online show that the actor was finally after Islamic funeral rites was buried.

One of the videos showed the moment when Baba Suwe’s body was lowered into the ground.