Jun 13, 2021

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Food crisis looms nationwide, El-Rufai warns | The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News —

Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai has sounded the alarm over the impending food crisis in the country as a result of security issues.

El-Rufai’s outcry over the food crisis followed the meeting of the state commandos’ directors State Security Directorate (DSS) of the seven Northwestern states that met in Kaduna to develop a new strategy against armed bandits and other criminal activities in the region.

According to the governor, a food crisis is imminent because of farmers in the north Banditry cannot go on their farms.

He stressed the role of the DSS in providing reliable information needed by the armed police, armed forces and other security organs for the total suppression of insurgents, and insisted that The security forces urgently step up information gathering, not just the identities, plans and locations of the criminals len, but also their ability to organize and combat citizens.

“As directors of the DSS state commands in the Northwest, you are all aware of the immense security challenges in the states of our region. The consequences of these serious security deficits have devastated the rural economy, cost lives and property, and made simple travel on federal, state and local roads an ordeal, “he said.

HOWEVER, the governor has the reasons explains his decision to remove internal security management from the post of undersecretary of state and appointed Samuel Aruwan, a journalist, as the first commissioner for homeland security.

Aruwan, a former head of the bureau for leadership and blueprint Kaduna Newspapers, served as the governor’s senior special assistant for media and public relations during his first term. He was appointed security officer after el-Rufai created the Ministry of Homeland Security at the start of his second term in 2019.

Addressing security officials at the opening of a quarterly zone meeting of DSS directors the governor said he named Aruwan because of his energy as a young man and the large number of informants he had contact as a journalist.

“Journalists can either be reliable informants or rumors. Aruwan happens to be one of those with a reliable network of informants across the state, ”he added.