Oct 18, 2021

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For Peace to Reign, Allow Bandits to Guard Farms, Forests, Sheikh Gumi tells FG

  • Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has revealed that bandits are ready to lay down arms if the federal government can provide jobs for them
  • The popular Islamic cleric on Wednesday, June 23, suggested that the bandits should be employed as guards to protect the forests
  • Gumi alleged that Nigeria is fighting a tribal war, adding that the government who is supposed to be the mediator, is taking sides

Kaduna state – Popular Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, has declared that bandits terrorising the country are ready to surrender if the government will provide means of livelihood for them.

The Guardian reports that Gumi called on farmers across the country to allow herdsmen to protect their forests.

Gumi who made the suggestion on Wednesday, June 23, during an interview on Arise TV, insists on amnesty for the bandits if they must quit their criminal acts.

According to him, the herdsmen have qualities that can be tapped if they are employed to guard the forests, Sahara Reporters added.

The Kaduna-based Islamic scholar also declared that Nigeria is fighting a tribal war, saying the federal government has taken sides instead of remaining neutral.

While admitting that bandits are committing all sorts of crimes, Gumi noted that atrocities have also been committed against them by various tribes.

Gumi claims bandits have access to weapons

Earlier, the popular Islamic cleric had alleged that there is a collusion between bandits and security agencies.

He claims that security agencies enable bandits have been able to access the trove of assorted weapons that they own. The cleric said the bandits now take kidnapping as a business.

Gumi questioned how the weapons used by bandits are ferried across the borders to the forest.

Cleric argues bandits commit lesser crimes

Meanwhile, Gumi blasted those comparing bandits and herdsmen with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

According to him, it is unfair to compare the kidnappers to IPOB members. He said herdsmen’s crimes weigh significantly lesser than those of IPOB.

The preacher claimed that IPOB is killing security officers while the other is kidnapping children to make money and not to kill them.