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Fresh Questions Raised as Credentials Show New CJN Ariwoola Started School Less Than 1-Year After His Birth –

  • There is a short gap between the date of birth of the newly appointed Chief Justice of Nigeria and the start of his primary education
  • Testimonies of Justice Olukayode Ariwoola shows that he was barely a year old when he started school
  • According to his report card, the new CJN also spent eight years in elementary school before going to Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Saki area of ​​Oyo State for his secondary education

On Monday, June 27, President Muhammadu Buhari sworn in Judge Olukayode Ariwoola as the new Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN).

Ariwoola’s appointment and swearing-in followed the resignation of former CJN Justice Tanko Muhammad, who resigned from office on Sunday, April 26. June, for health reasons.

However, barely 24 hours after his swearing-in, the acc Acknowledges to have raised some eyebrows.

Confusing to many, Ariwoola’s ID card states that he was born on August 22, 1958 in the Iseyin area of ​​Oyo State and started his primary education at the Local Authority Demonstration School, Oluwole in 1959, barely a year after his birth.

According to the new CJN’s CV, he later spent eight years instead of the usual six years in school before graduating in 1967.

In 1968 Ariwoola joined the Muslim Modern School in Oluwole and graduated in 1969 before going to Ansar -Ud-Deen High School in Saki went to Oyo area, for his secondary education.

His certificate further states that Ariwoola graduated in 1980 in law from the University of Ile Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) and was later became he was appointed to the Nigerian Bar Association in 1981.

He was later incorporated as a barrister and barrister at the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Speaks hours after his reinstatement as acting CJN Judge Ariwoola allegations against his predecessor

Judge Olukayode Ariwoola, acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, had said there was no controversy in the Supreme Court.

< p class="align-left">The new Chief Justice made this statement in response to a petition by Apex Court Justices against the treatment accorded them by recently retired CJN Tanko Muhammad.

The new Chief Justice made this statement.


Judge Ariwoola also assured that with the support of his peers, the judiciary under his tenure will serve Nigerians won’t let you down.

President Buhari breaks the silence the resignation of former CJN, confers largest Nigerian award for Tanko

President Buhari on Monday, June 27, bestowed the honor of the Grand Commanders of the Order of Niger .

Tanko received the award from the President hours after resigning as CJN due to ill health and handing over the post to his successor, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola.

President Buhari congratulated the former CJN on his services to the judiciary and the country and said Tanko had taken a firm decision on the problems of recklessly and indiscriminately issuing ex parte orders serious proportions.