Jan 27, 2023

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Fuel Scarcity: Long Queues Resurface In Abuja, Black Marketers Sell For N300 Per Litre – Legit.ng

  • Black marketeers are raking in big bucks as long lines at gas stations have reappeared in Abuja
  • Thus, traders are offering the product at a higher rate, causing untold suffering to the people of the nation’s capital
  • Meanwhile, most petrol stations in Abuja have been closed after Premium Motor Spirit, PMS, commonly known as, ran out Gasoline

Fuel lines in the Federal Capital Territory continued Monday as gas stations struggled to control desperate drivers who waited , the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS ), at the official price.

Brawlers had a great day selling a liter of PMS for N300 in various parts of the FCT.

In Kubwa, a liter of fuel rose to N320, in Asokoro and other key parts of Abuja to N400, be directs The Punch.

One ​​of the thugs who identified him as Usman, Elf said he was storing fuel in several gallons, believing that fuel would run out at some point in the future would become.

Another racquet, Bala, claimed that he was still selling his reserves.

He said:

“If it’s tight, I buy at some gas stations at night. I usually pay an extra N200 or more for a 10 liter gallon. I buy for N2,000 and sell for N3,500.”

The Plight of Commercial Drivers

Vehicle drivers told the news outlet they spend between two and four hours at various gas stations before buying PMS.

A commercial vehicle driver, George Akinsanya, said he had three hours at the Oando gas station opposite the NNPC depot before buying the PMS spent in Abuja.

Tank queues have become a recurring decimal in Nigeria, particularly in the FCT. In the first quarter of the year, fuel shortages disrupted economic activity and caused inflation to surge from 15.70% to 15.92%.

Previously, most gas stations in Abuja and neighboring states of Nasarawa and Niger, which issued premium motor spirit, popularly known as gasoline, were greeted with long lines on Sunday.

NNPC responds

Meanwhile , Nigeria’s National Petroleum Corporation has attributed the sudden appearance of fuel queues in parts of Abuja to low loadings and increased purchases characterizing post-holiday season.

In a statement the The NNPC spokesman Garba Deen Muhammad said Monday May 9 that the company has sufficient fuel stocks to meet the needs of Abuja residents for over six weeks.

The statement partially partially read:

< blockquote>“NNPC Ltd. notes the sudden appearance of fuel queues in parts of Abuja. This is most likely due to the low utilization of the depots, which usually occurs during long holidays, in this case the Sallah celebrations.”

He assured all FCT residents and told Nigerians that NNPC had sufficient local stocks and national stockpiles of over 2.5 billion liters, which was enough for more than 43 days.

But the Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Promotion of Private Enterprise, Dr. Muda Yusuf, called on the federal government to deregulate the industry to avoid repeats of long queues.

Fuel shortages drive up diesel price

Agwu said :

“We know that the price of crude oil has increased due to the Russia-Ukraine war, but it shouldn’t have a big impact on the domestic market. It also means household income will suffer, low earners will struggle to make ends meet.”