Dec 4, 2022

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Gas Explosion Rocks Kano, Scores Injured, Properties Destroyed –

  • Tragedy struck again in Kano after an LPG filling station burned out at around 8:30pm on Thursday 2 June.
  • Eyewitnesses said twenty people were injured in the blast in Sheka district, Karshen-Kwalta.
  • However, the Kano state government confirmed the incident and attributed the explosion to a man frying and selling fish near the gas store
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    Kano – Recent reports have confirmed that a gas explosion occurred at a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) refill shop in Kano State.

    TheCable reported that as many as 20 people were injured as a result of the blast, which also affected a number of nearby businesses.

    Three businesses are believed to have burned out when a cylinder caught fire and exploded.

    Witnesses who were at the scene of the incident revealed that the victims involved in the blast were taken to the hospital.

    A witness, Abubakar, revealed that people who were in the nearby shops where the ex plosion took place, those most affected were.

    Kano State Government confirms the explosion

    Saminu Yusif, Public Relations Officer of the Kano State Fire Department, confirmed the incident and said that 20 people were injured and are currently receiving medical treatment.

    According to Vanguard newspaper, Yusif stated that the explosion was caused by a fire started by caused by a man frying and selling fish near the gas station.

    Yusif said:

    “We got an emergency call around 19:04 received from Adamu Muhd ​​​​who reported a fire outbreak in Sheka Karshen Kwalta, Kumbotso Local Government Area.

    “When we arrived at the scene of the incident, we found a ground floor building of about 40 x 40 feet, which served as a dwelling and s hops devoured by fire.”

    Guns shoot a traditional ruler he at a mosque in Taraba state

    In another development, gunmen attacked a mosque in the town of Maisamari, Sardauna governorate, Taraba state, on Monday evening, April 11, citing Alhaji Abdulkadir Maisamari, a district head, was killed.

    Witnesses said Maisamari was killed during Ishai prayers. It was learned that the gunmen reportedly opened fire immediately after the mosque was stormed.

    Local residents are said to have confronted the gunmen and forced them to climb a mountain in to flee near the city.

    Bomb explodes at restaurant in Taraba state, 7 feared killed

    Similarly, said in a previous report that at least seven people were killed in an explosion that occurred in the town of Iware, Ardo Kola Governorate, Taraba State.

    Sources say a bomb went off at a local restaurant, in which there were many people.

    More than 20 people, including women, were injured in the incident. They were reportedly taken to the Federal Medical Center Jalingo.