May 27, 2022

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Gov Okowa Calls for More Revenue to Fund Nigeria’s Educational System –

  • Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has stressed that Nigeria must find a way to reset its priorities, starting with education
  • According to the governor, the Government at all levels needs to start looking at the sector as one that should be given more attention.
  • He advocated more investment in education, with a focus on funding in the form of human resources and equipment

Owa-Alero – Delta State Governor Senator Ifeanyi Okowa said Monday, May 2 that Nigeria needs to expand the limits of its revenue generation in order for the country to ease inhibiting funding problems may improve its educational development.

Okowa made the announcement in an interview with reporters shortly after inspecting facilities at the engineering and environmental science faculties at the University of Delta’s Owa-Alero campus ( UNIDEL), Agbor.

He stated that there is no doubt that the nation needs to invest more money in education in terms of infrastructure, human resources, equipment needed and more ensuring the availability of full Internet services to everyone University of the country.

According to him It is important to fund the country’s education system, but unfortunately the country’s economy is being challenged.

His words:

“If you look at the federal budget and most of the state budgets, you will see that both the federal and state governments actually have problems.

” When you have to contend with so many competing forces in an annual budget, you’re just trying to hand out little money here and there.

“Because first and foremost you have to make sure you’re paying salaries and when If you have little left at the end of the paycheck, that’s a big problem.

“Whenever I have studied the federal government budget I am very concerned about the great challenge we face as a nation because you realize that every single Kobo who is actually involved in infrastructure development or capital development goes, is actually borrowed.

“So if all your resources that are available outside of borrowing go into recurring expenses, there’s a huge problem.

“And therefore, if you actually complete the budget studying at the federal level shows that in the individual areas such as education and health, the payment of wages means that you have very large funds available for recurring expenses.”

Regarding of the work done so far at UNIDEL’s Owa Alero campus, he noted that the work had progressed and added that he hoped the work would progress a little faster

While saying that the two faculties had been accredited by the National University Commission, the governor announced that lectures had now started on campus.

University fee crisis: The Intervention by Gov Okowa restores peace in DELSU< /h2>

Remember that on Friday, 1 September, Governor Okowa of Delta had intervened in the school fees controversy at the Delta State University in Abraka interfered and instructed the university administration to contact the student union to lower the fees to an acceptable level.

Okowa admitted this after an ongoing inspection Works at Delta University, Agbor, and Trauma Center, Agbor.

He explained that the state government had not set the school fees for their facilities, but based on the current Need to intervene in the crisis in the country.


More universities needed in Delta State, says Governor Ifeanyi Okowa

Governor Okowa has pointed out a similar development passed that the establishment of three new Uni Delta State is very important.

The Governor was responding to recent criticism from the Academic Staff Association of Universities at the Colleges.

Governor Okowa said the institutions were set up to ensure that no qualified student from the state would be denied admission to the university.