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Governor Ortom Meets UK Parliament Delegation, Reports Buhari, FG –

  • UK Members of Parliament have been urged to urge the Nigerian government to end the incessant killings by herders in Benue State
  • The call was made by the Governor of the State, Samuel Ortom, when he was being visited by a delegation from Parliament in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital Territory
  • Ortom informed the delegation of such killings and evictions residents, the Nigerian government must properly address the issue without religious or ethnic bias

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom met on Tuesday , 31 May, met with a UK Parliament delegation at Benue State Governor’s Lodge Asokoro, Abuja.

All-Party Parliamentary Group spoke to the UK Parliament delegation religion and world ith freedom of expression, Ortom appealed to the international community to put pressure on the federal government to act without religious or ethnic bias against the ongoing terrorist attacks by armed herders in the country.

The governor said that the The current government in Nigeria appears unwilling to wield the big stick against murderous terrorist groups, saying the Nigerian government is taking responsibility for protecting the constitutional rights of the people and not doing enough.

In a statement released by Nathaniel Ikyur, the governor accused the FG of not acting quickly to tame the rise in terrorist attacks on communities in the country for many years by Islamist extremists with the sole aim of shutting down the country assume must be terminated.

The governor claimed that the current appointment mut moderate supporter of Boko Haram in key federal offices, the incorporation of repentant members of the cult into the military and the government’s failure to arrest and prosecute them. Terrorist herders have also proved their complicity.

In the interest of national unity, cohesion, peaceful coexistence and the promotion of development, the Governor warned that the people’s rights to freedom of religion must also be respected by the Nigerian state.

He said that the international community urgently needs to intervene by putting pressure on the government to do the right thing.

He informed the parliamentarians present that Due to the activities of these terrorist groups over 1.5 million people have been displaced from their ancestral lands and billions of nairas worth of properties have been destroyed in Benue State as a result of the invasion.

He recommended the rehabilitation and return of internally displaced people to their ancestral homes and full compensation to be paid to the victims.

British MPs respond to Ortom’s Demands

Responding to the demands of Ortom, the head of the delegation and MP from Ireland, Jim Shannon thanked the Governor for giving his team a thorough insight into the issues in the state and in Nigeria as a whole.

Shannon assured that they would take his case to the proper department back home for positive results.

In their separate comments, Brendan O’Hara of the House of Commons and Rachel Miner, who acknowledged that the religious crisis in Nigeria was getting worse, said they would continue to speak to them governmental, religious and civil society leaders to bring about desired change.

2023: Ortom wins PDP ticket for Northwest Senate district of Benue

Governor Samuel Ortom had won the PDP ticket for the elections 2023 in the Northwest Senate District of Benue.

Ortom’s rise to power followed his adoption by delegates from the seven local government districts that make up the Senate District.

Incumbent Senator Emmanuel Oker’Jev had said he would not seek re-election in the upcoming elections.

2023: Prominent PDP MP in Southeast loses 5th term bid

In a similar development, Pat Asadu, a member of the PDP in the House of Representatives, lost his candidacy to return to the National Assembly in 2023.

On Sunday, May 22, the legislature governing Nsukka/Igboeze constituency in southern ver is defeated in the party’s primary in Enugu State.

The legislature lost its return ticket to a former leader of the PDP, Engr. Vitta Abba.