Feb 4, 2023

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Governorship Primaries: Crises Rock Rivers, Oyo, Benue APC Over Governorship Primaries – Legit.ng

  • Some state chapters of the All Progressives Congress are facing crises arising from their recent election of delegates
  • According to some candidates and faction leaders these elections were not held, but delegates were handpicked by rival groups. strong>

All Progressives Congress sections in states such as Rivers, Benue, Oyo and Sokoto are currently facing crises arising from the election of delegates to last week’s gubernatorial primary is due Thursday.

Faction leaders and candidates in separate interviews on Sunday claimed no elections were held, but delegates were handpicked by rival groups.< /p>

The APC originally scheduled its gubernatorial primary for Friday, but postponed it to Thursday, May 26 after not deciding on the delegates who would vote during the shadow election.

Conventions in Sokoto and Rivers were rocked by violence on Wednesday.

Of all indications of President Muhammadu Buhari’s delay in the Signing the amendment to the electoral law, would n only elected delegates emerging from last week’s conventions will vote in the gubernatorial primary, as current law bar statutory delegates from voting in the primary.

With With the threatened non-participation of statutory delegates, including the president, vice president, and members of state and national assemblies, only five delegates would be elected from each of the country’s 8,809 counties would vote in the gubernatorial primary.

Disagreement among candidates for elected delegates increased on Sunday when they concluded that statutory delegates would not vote.