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Group Blasts Minister for Closing Dei-Dei Market Over Okada Riders, Traders Clash, Accuses Him of Apartheid – Legit.ng

  • The Federal Capital Territory minister is under fire for shutting down the Dei Dei timber market as commercial motorcyclists continue to ride after the incident that left people dead and businesses burned down.
  • HURIWA accused Mohammed Bello of being partisan by closing the market and allowing motorcyclists to continue operating despite being a party to the crisis on Wednesday 18 May
  • < li>According to HURIWA, the minister should either reopen the market and find a way to rebuild it, or also ban the operation of bicycles in the area

The Human Rights Writers’ Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has accused Federal Capital Territory Minister Mohammed Bello of operating an apartheid system by controlling the international timber market of Dei-Dei because of the clash between n dealers and Okada (motorcycle) riders in the area on Wednesday May 18.

Reac In connection with the closure of the market due to the clash that led to burning businesses and destroying property by commercial motorcyclists, the association urged the minister to reopen the market and find a way to rebuild it.

Condemning the fact that the market remains closed while the Okada riders, mainly from the Republic of Niger, continue their daily activities, HURIWA called for a ban on commercial motorcyclists operating in the region.

< p class="align -left">A statement by Emmanuel Onwubiko, the association’s director-general, called on the minister to either reopen the market or ban the okada riders in Deidei and Kubwa for justice, justice and fairness.< /p>

Onwubiko said it was an insult to the principle of natural justice that two parties engaged in a riot, but the authority, rather than making peace and creating harmony and reconciliation, chose to support one of the combatants out of religious motives .

He said the role of a minister of the FCT is one of service without bitterness or sectarianism as ministers are appointed for all of Nigeria.

The explanation read in part:

“We do not want to believe that it is true that the FCT Minister, who is Nigerian, will take controversial and unnatural steps that will harm the commercial interests of hurting his fellow citizens.

“And unleash the motorcyclists who are mostly illegal immigrants from the Republic of Niger, Chad and just a few Muslim northern Nigerians only because traders in the Dei Dei-Mark t who mostly fought with Okada drivers are Igbos from southern Nigeria and are Christian by faith orientation.”

HURIWA urged President Muhammadu Buhari, who is constitutionally the governor of FCT, asking his subordinate, the FCT minister, to adopt a solution to this would not be seen as favoring one party in a two-party struggle.

According to HURIWA, it is not acceptable that one party is favored in this matter simply because they are almost 100 percent Muslim and share the same belief system as the minister.

Adding that leadership is not religious or ethnic feelings, HURIWA warned that a leader must be altruistic, nationalistic, just, fair and just in all situations with his people.

It warned that the FCT -Minister who has been harmonious with peoples of all for years Belief systems and ethnicity should not now be even remotely associated with this kind of overt but shameful history of partiality and gross bias.

HURIWA asked the Minister to overturn his decision, which violates constitutionalism, justice, fairness and equality before the law of natural justice and respect for human rights of all.

Tensions in Abuja as traders and okada drivers clashed, 5 People feared killed

A clash between some traders and motorcyclists at the Dei-Dei International Timber Market reportedly killed around five people.

The individuals were killed during the attack after an Okada driver’s passenger was crushed to death by a moving trailer.

< p class="align-left">L Houses and properties were set on fire for residents of the area, including some shops in the wood market.

FCT minister visits Dei Dei wood market, makes assessment

However, during a visit to the scene of the incident on Thursday, May 19, the minister ordered the market to be closed.

Bello also orders the community and the market leaders, crooks and rotten eggs among them, and explains that it’s unfortunate that crooks are now carrying guns and shooting at innocent people.


The minister explained that he had seen four bodies after the incident that led to the fire in shops in the market and said it had been agreed that the security authorities would launch a full investigation into the death, regardless.

His words:

“And the communities must be part of the solution, otherwise there is no peace.

“Meanwhile, the lumber market and surrounding markets, including all activities along the road that have made them clustered and impassable, will be suspended until the technical team has checked everything, and then we will move to the next one Make a decision.”

Official of the Dei-Dei Timber Market reacts

For his part, the Deputy Chairman of the Dei-Dei Woodshed Market, Ifeanyi Chibata informed the Minister and his team that around 45 to 50 shops were burned and 25 vehicles set on fire during the riots.

Tomato and Onion Sellers Association Dei-Dei Secretary Dahiru Garba Mani announced , that four people were killed during the clash in the market.

They both appealed to the Minister of the FCT to put in place a police division with adequate staff.

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