Sep 21, 2021

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Gumi’s visit to Yorubaland: Igboho’s mother, kinsmen send serious warning to Islamic cleric

  • Sheikh Gumi’s visit to the city of Igboho, Oyo State, has been criticized by many, particularly Yoruba leaders
  • The mother of Sunday Igboho and some other people visited the city to find out what had really happened
  • They warned the Islamic cleric not to go near their city and also offered prayers for the effect of his to be offered Visit to “void”.

Igboho, Oyo state – The controversial Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho, his mother and relatives received a serious warning from supporters of the agitator chief of the Yoruba Nation to stay away from Yorubaland.

The warning came after Gumi was seen in a video clip claiming he was in Igboho town for a visit.

According to Igboho’s mother and supporter Gumi’s visit to Igboho town was “suspicious” and “insensitive”.

In another viral video released by The Nation this weekend, Sheikh Abdul Raheem led Aduanigba, Chief Imam of Yoruba in Ilorin, others, including Igboho’s mother, on the same spot where Gumi filmed his video while visiting the city.

Gumi’s visit to Igboho is suspect

Concerned about Gumi’s visit to Igboho, prayers were offered to undo all ulterior motives.

In an interview with The Punch, Aduanigba confirmed her visit on Muslim high school in the Modeke district of Igboho. He stated that residents of the city said Gumi’s visit did not find their blessing.

In a separate interview, Yoruba Youth Socio-Cultural Association Worldwide National Coordinator, Olalekan, said Hammed said Sunday that Igboho and Gumi are not in a relationship, which is why their visit to town looks suspicious.

The Islamic cleric, in his opinion, has an ulterior motive, and it must be from Security agencies are investigating.

Hamm said:

“We don’t want Gumi and his bandits in Igboho or any part of Yorubaland. We have to be vigilant, to prevent him and his ilk from importing bandits into this region. ”

Gumi must now be investigated

Gumi’s visit to the city of Igboho has been a source of controversy The Kaduna-based cleric was seen in a video of a Muslim in front of him chen high school sign in Modeke-Igboho, had emphasized the need for a united Nigeria.

Not happy about the visit of a group in the state of Oyo, the Alliance for Oke-Ogun Development ( AOD), urged the Department of State Services (DSS) to investigate Gumi’s motive.

The group claimed in a statement on Thursday, September 9th, that Gumi’s visit was taking place was part of the steps to “Fulanize” the Oke-Ogun area.

It also advised traditional rulers in the region to beware of any insiders who they thought were ready sell goods to terrorists.