May 28, 2022

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Having Amorous Relationship With Animal Attracts 14 Years Imprisonment in Nigeria, Lawyer Says –

  • Nigerians have been warned against having an amorous relationship with Animas because it is against the law
  • Akande Paul, Universe’s managing partner Lawyers, is in the Penal Code The law and the Penal Code criminalize sleeping with an animal
  • The lawyer further explained that sleeping with an animal in Nigeria is punishable by 14 years in prison will

Following the controversy that followed a video in which a young lady claimed to have slept with a dog, Akande has revealed Paul , sleeping with an animal is severely punished in Nigeria.

Punch Newspaper reports that Akande, the managing partner of Universe Lawyers, stated that the Penal Code and the Criminal Code the Criminalize sleeping with an animal.

According to Akande, it’s egg n offense punishable by 14 years in prison in Nigeria.

He said:

“It is a criminal offense for everyone in Nigeria to have sex with lowly Animals such as dogs, horses, cats, cows, etc. having an act that constitutes a sex offense.

“In Nigeria, engaging in sodomy (having channel knowledge of an animal) is a punishable offense.


“The sentence is 14 years imprisonment after conviction based on § 214 StGB; Section 284 of the Criminal Code.”

Section 214 of the Criminal Code states:

“Any person who – (1) against the order of nature has carnal knowledge of a person; or (2) has carnal knowledge of an animal; or (3) permits a male person to have carnal knowledge of himself or her against the order of nature; is guilty of a crime and shall be sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment.”

Section 284 of the Penal Code Act states:

A good woman does not nag: Fans contradict Shan George after giving reasons why marriages break easily

Meanwhile, veteran actress Shan Geo shared Get her two cents on the causes of broken marriages as she stylishly advises married couples.

The beautiful movie star took to her Instagram page to reveal why marriages break up like clay records, and urged couples to do better by better understanding themselves and others.

According to her:

“Until men start realizing that women nag out of love, marriages will continue to break up as easily as clay records.”

Shan George supports Mercy Aigbe’s marriage to Adekaz previously reported that Shan George has responded to reports about Mercy Aigbe and her new lover, Kazim Adeoti, better known as Adekaz.

The new relationship caused quite a stir after it was revealed that Adekaz was already married is a guessing man with children.

Shan supported her colleague’s decision and asked critics if they didn’t want Aigbe to remarry after she left a bad marriage.

Uche Ogbodo Opens Up Marital Status previously reported that the actress cleared the air about her marital status with Baby Daddy, Bobby Maris and responded to the criticism on social media.

Uche revealed that she was suffering from life-threatening illnesses that almost took her life and her appearance It was terrible, but Bobby told her kept saying she was beautiful.

The actress went on to say that just because she didn’t wear a white wedding dress doesn’t mean she’s not married, since she’s alive has with her husband.