Sep 19, 2021

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Health workers shelve planned strike as NMA opposes parity in hazard allowance

After an arbitration meeting in Abuja, the Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige that all parties have reached an agreement, including increasing the hazard pay, reviewing the retirement age from 60 to 65 and the resulting arrears in national minimum wage adjustments and reviewing the Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) as with Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS).

These should be forwarded to the employer’s Federal Ministry of Health for advice.

Regarding the hazard pay, Ngige recalled that the government had previously had four meetings with JOSEHU and Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) held together with its affiliates, adding that at one point there were areas of change.

He noted that the NMA and a union that was previously considered part of JOHESU , calling for a foreclosure of the discussions, which the government admitted.

Former governor of Anam state Bra added that other contentious issues such as the 30 percent shift allowance for nurses and others, the payment of the outstanding allowance to healthcare professionals, the payment of the teaching allowance to JOHESU members on CONHESS 7 and 8, and skipping Arrears are to be dealt with expeditiously by the Ministry of Health.

The Minister noted that the resolution of problems affecting members in the state health institutions was the responsibility of the Health Council, adding that the Ministry of Health had been instructed to forward them accordingly.

He indicated that JOHESU would meet with the ministry tomorrow to provide a framework for starting all discussions.

“We will be ready to address everyone the problems. But we agreed that due to the dangerous economic situation, the principle of solvency will guide all of our discussions, ”said Ngige.

In his remarks, JOHESU President Bibielemoye Josiah pointed out that a strike was not the right thing to do Is gone, expressed optimism that any problems raised by the unions would be treated positively by the government authorities.

The President and Secretary General of the NMA, Prof. Innocent Ujah and Dr. Philip Uche Ekpe, in a statement yesterday insisted that doctors would not get the same hazard benefits with pharmacists, nurses and medical laboratory scientists, physical therapists and other health workers because clinical conditions and infectious diseases like Ebola, Lassa fever and COVID 19 killed more doctors than doctors any other health worker.

They said the length of time a doctor was exposed to a patient was at least three times that of any other health worker, with nurses second in risk exposure order due to their shift work / p>

ALSO yesterday, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) urged President Muhammadu Buhari’s government to declare a state of emergency in the health and education sectors, followed by summits to fully address the challenges facing the two critical sectors.

In a he Clarification from its national president, Bishop Wale Oke, the Christian body said that the proposed events should stimulate the private sector, development partners, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, students and other stakeholders to create policy frameworks and laws for immediate, long-term and permanent solutions to the problems to create in both sectors.