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Hijab Ruling: Photos Emerge as Lawyer Wears Native Doctor’s Attire to Supreme Court – Legit.ng

  • A Nigerian lawyer named Malcolm Omoirhobo caused a stir in the Supreme Court when he attended the hearing dressed as a local doctor
  • Omirhobo appeared at the Supreme Court Apex Courtroom dressed in a red kilt, a bundle of cowrie shells around his neck, two long feathers on his wig and a white chalk drawing on his right eye
  • The Attorney later explained that he chose to dress like this to show his gratitude to the Supreme Court for its recent ruling on the use of the hijab

FCT, Abuja – Slight drama erupted outside the Supreme Court on Thursday 23 June when a human rights lawyer, Malcolm Omoirhobo, appeared in special attire.

Photos shared on social media showed Omoirhobo, dressed in a lawyer’s robe mixed with other materials that made him look like an African native doctor.

The lawyer also had a gourd with cowrie shells ar around his neck and a feather on his wig.

Why I wore the special clothes – Omoirhobo

Omoirhobo said of the development that he wore the clothes to show their gratitude to the Supreme Court, which on Friday June 17 approved the use of headscarves by female Muslim students in Lagos state schools, reported The Punch.

He added that he did not oppose the verdict but was satisfied with the decision because it strengthens and enriches the rights of all Nigerians as enshrined in the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s amended 1999 Constitution Daily Trust.

In an address to journalists, Omoirhobo said:< /p>

“I am very grateful to the Supreme Court. Just last Friday they made a very sweeping decision promoting Section 38 of the Constitution. This is our right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

“To be free to express our worship in our schools and courts. This decision was made on Friday and I was encouraged by it.

“Because I am a traditionalist and that is how I worship. Based on the Supreme Court decision, I will dress like this in court from now on because I am a strong believer in ‘Olokun’, the god of rivers.”

The Supreme Court makes the final decision on the use of hijab in secondary schools

“The Nigerian Supreme Court rules in favor of hijab for secondary school students in Lagos state and therefore in all states of the country,” he wrote.

Source: Legit.ng