Nov 28, 2021

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Hilton Hotel Owner Ramon Adedoyin Speaks on OAU Student’s Death from Police Detention

  • Ramon Adedoyin, the owner of the Hilton Hotel and Resort, Ile-Ife, responded to claims that he was involved in the death of Timothy Adegoke, a graduate student at OAU
  • The businessman said he was unaware of Adegoke’s death and urged the public to allow the police to complete their investigation
  • Adedoyin said that he was not a murderer or money ritualist, adding that contrary to claims on social media, no part of the deceased’s body was missing

Osun State – Ramon Adedoyin, the owner of the Hilton Hotel and Resort, Ile-Ife, has denied involvement in the death of Timothy Adegoke, a PhD student at Obafemi Awolowo University.

Adedoyin who is currently detained by the Osun State Police Command and said that he did not tolerate any of his workers or anyone else m killing the student, reported The Punch.

The founder of Oduduwa University said he first heard of Adegoke when the police declared him missing .

I’m not a money ritualist – Adedoyin

Insisted that he knew nothing of the murder, explaining to Adedoyin that he had worked hard for his wealth, and urged people not to label him a “money ritualist or a murderer”.

He appealed to the public to await a police investigation into this matter.

His words:

“I, Rahmon Adedoyin, am not a murderer or money ritualist. God has blessed and enriched me since I was 26 years old and am now 65 years old. “

Adegoke never paid into the hotel’s account

Adedoyin also stated that the hotel officials who housed him did not transfer any money to the hotel’s account on his behalf.

He added that it did The hotel’s alleged WEMA bank account also does not provide any records of his payments.

“I don’t know how he got a room without paying into the company’s official account. I don’t know why they decided to transfer the payment to their personal account, “he added.

The businessman also said that no part of Adegoke’s body was missing as previously claimed on social media.

It was found that police also confirmed that no part of the deceased was missing when the body was exhumed.

The background


Adegoke had traveled to Ile-Ife to take an exam at the OAU Distance Learning Center on the Moro campus when, on Sunday, November 7th, when it was declared missing.

His body was later discovered after police arrested several suspects, including hotel workers.

< p class = "align-left"> It was announced that Adegoke was staying at the Hilton Hotel in Ile-Ife between Friday October 22nd and Friday November 5th, before later he was al s was declared missing.

The student was reported missing when he was not found at his examination room and could not be reached by his wife and other family members. < / p>

The police later announced that the student was found dead.

Osun police commissioner reacts

Olokode has promised that the police will work to ensure that justice is established.

He found that anyone found guilty in the investigation will be brought to justice , no matter how high it is in the country.