Jun 13, 2021

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House of Reps passes bill to impeach Nigerian president in 30 days

– Failure to form a federal cabinet can soon be described as a criminal offense pending approval of a draft law.

– The proposed legislation has received tremendous support in the House of Representatives.

– Part of the bill stipulates how a seated president can be punished if found guilty of misconduct

A bill , with which a Nigerian president is to be charged with failing ministers on taking office, passed second reading in the House of Representatives.

The proposed law entitled “Transition and Assumption” Bill 2020 “was passed by Parliament during a plenary session on Tuesday, May 17, The Cable reported.

Sections of the bill provide that it is gross misconduct of the President acts if he does not form his cabinet within 30 days.

The bill states that such gross misconduct would constitute a criminal offense.

In section 19 ( 1) The proposed bill states:

The President appoints ministers upon taking office within 30 days from the date on which he took the oath of office. “

Section 19 (2) of the draft law provides:

” The President constitutes and appoints all bodies of government and parastatal authorities that operate within are due for constitution and appointment two months after taking office.

The legislation in Section 19 (3) stated that:

“The President” is of the misconduct under Section 143 (2) (b) of the Constitution guilty “if he fails to comply with the provisions of the bill.

Under this section, the President may be charged if he finds himself guilty of gross misconduct in the performance of his duties guilty

Premium Times reported that minority deputy leader Toby Okechukwu called the bill for cabinet formation by elected presidents deaf “> He said: < / p>

” This is a very important calculation. What calamity does it want to cure? It will kill the calamity of discretion. The transition period is a time when a country is at risk.

“It’s the time for transition, not time for anyone’s body language. In 2015 we lost about six months because our cabinet was formed by the president. It happened again in 2019. ”

However, the bill would still have to be approved by the President in order to become a law.

When Lawan spoke in the Senate on Wednesday, he announced that the week would be dedicated to a zonal public hearing on the 1999 Constitution review, The Nation reported.

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