Dec 9, 2021

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How I cheated death, former Ekiti REC Ayoka Adebayo reveals

Chief Ayoka Adebayo, a former Resident Electoral Commission (REC) in the state of Ekiti, has celebrated her 86th birthday

Adebayo, who said she escaped death twice in the past six months by a mustache, said her joy knows no bounds

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, described the eighty-year-old as a good wife in his family

Abeokuta, Ogun – A former Ekiti State Resident Electoral Commission (REC) Chief Ayoka Adebayo shared how she escaped death by the whiskers months ago and thanks God for bringing her back to life / p>

She made this reveal at the family thanksgiving service held over the weekend for her 86th birthday at her residence in the area was held by Agbeloba in Abeokuta, Ogun state.

She told parishioners, including former President Oba sanjo that the first incident occurred in February, while the other, the she devastated happened in her church in August. but she came back to life in the hospital, where she was immediately admitted.

The enthusiastic celebrant remembered that “God brought my life back. I couldn’t remember me of everything until I was resuscitated in the hospital. “

Told the memories of the fateful day and said that Adebayo had an inkling of what lay ahead of the day.

She added:

“But I just remember that” my brother Oyedele, Adeyemi and I sat on the same line, before sagging on Adeyemi’s lap and knowing nothing again until I was resuscitated in the hospital. I thanked god.

“Who am I to get this from God? I left, but God kept me, He kept me and brought me back. It’s not my creation. I don’t just celebrate birthdays, the first I specifically asked to thank God. I felt like I should call you to celebrate with me.

“It was a unique year for me. I was gone, but God restored my life. I was brought back to life in the hospital. I saw Wole (her son) and others around me and asked what had happened. It’s been a unique time for me, so this Thanksgiving Day to appreciate God, His power and protection for me, is not quantifiable.

“Just recently a professor in Ibadan on his way to the mosque collapsed (just like me) and never recovered. He was reported as 69 years old. So who am I “That I won’t be happy before the Lord that He saved me,” she told the remarkable crowd on the site. “

In his address, Obasanjo described Adebayo as one special woman in his family and stresses that even when his brother died, the vacuum that could have been created by his untimely death was adequately felt and filled by you.

Obasanjo remarked:

“Mom is special because she is the first woman raised in our family. Really, Ayoka is a woman of a million, even when my brother died, the vacuum that could have been created by his untimely death, the vacuum was adequately felt and filled by you.

“You said if you collapsed, you collapsed and you didn’t die because God won’t open the doors for you. You just collapsed, but God still says your time is up. You will be 90, 95 and over than your mother died at 106. You will be 110 years old. ”

Ken Nnamani reveals how he has stopped Obasanjo’s offer for the third term

It has been reported that Nnamani in his new book entitled “Standing Strong: Legislative Reform, Third Term, and Other Fifth Senate Matters “said he sacrificed his senatorial ambitions to ensure the former president was unsuccessful in running for a third term.

Former legislature revealed that many secret meetings were being held to advance the agenda for Obasanjo’s third term at that time.