Nov 29, 2022

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How I Was Hit by Bullet While Hiding Under Church Pew, Owo Attack Survivor Reveals –

The federal government has been urged to ensure that it steps up its game in securing Nigerians and their property at all times

The call was made to the government by Benjamin Asogbuwa, a survivor of the attack on Owo Church by gunmen

According to Asogbuwa, who was shot at Sunday mass when they heard gunshots outside the church building

A survivor of gunmen’s attack on worshipers at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State, said it was difficult to find a place to hide during the incident.

Benjamin Asogbuwa recounted his ordeal and said that he despite all attempts he had to lie down under the pews and was hit by a bullet during the attack.

The Cable reports that Asogbuwa said the priest and the faithful were holding a mass unaware that enemies were lurking around the church grounds.

Asogbuwa raised details of the events leading up to the incident and said the priest had just announced the dismissal of Sunday mass when gunshots were heard outside the church building.

For Asogbuwa, everyone in the church building initially thought it be fireworks, knockout or some kind of movie.

He said:

“Well, one of us went to the door to see what was going on . He saw them coming with guns and all.

“He closed the door and ran back. While they were still running, they started shooting again. They entered through the door and window, shooting and throwing dynamite.”

“I was under the pew but one leg was out. The bullet hit me in the leg.”

< blockquote>“The people around me died, including a baby who was about three years old. It was terrible. We least expected something like this in the heart of the city.”

The Nigerian government needs to step up its game

Asogbuwa also spoke about strengthening security in the State and across the country, urging the federal government to find a lasting solution to the insecurity in Nigeria.

His words:

“The government must sit up and take notice of this uncertainty problem. It’s like we don’t have a country anymore.”

< blockquote>“If no one is safe here in the heart of Owo, where do we go? And they prepare for the election. Is the election for the living or the dead? We’re fed up with insecurity.

“No one is safe anywhere anymore. In your home, in the marketplace, on journeys, even in the house of God. It’s unbelievable, but it happened.”

He also urged politicians to change politics and try to get the odd ticket or two for a political Secure party, slow down.

Asogbuwa added:

“You should forget 2023 and save lives now. God is no longer happy with this country .The leadership has failed us.

“What is the essence of staying behind in this country?

Attack on Church in Owo: Survivor lives through harrowing experience of how she survives after being shot climbed a fence

The attack on a Catholic church in Owo, Ondo State on Sunday 5th had put the country and the world in a state of grief.

Survivors of the attack have relied on their ordeal over and over again, with many baffled as to how they will survive nac h are still alive after the attack.

One ​​of the survivors of the horrific incident said she managed to scale the fence of the church building after a bullet hit her leg.

Says the Governor of Ondo America’s mass shooting was a no-brainer compared to the Owo Church murder

America’s mass shooting was seen as a no-brainer compared to murder at worship ers in a Catholic church in Owo, Ondo State.

The description of the incident was provided by the state Governor Rotimi Akeredolu on Sunday June 5th. given.

According to the governor, the incident is the most horrifying and tragic event that would never happen again in the state.

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