May 27, 2022

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How to Apply for Nigeria’s Passport Via Your Mobile Phone –

The Home Office announced new improved procedures for applying for a passport on Thursday April 28.

The ministry, currently headed by Rauf Aregebesola, also tweeted a request for Nigerians to provide feedback on their application process in order to improve the user experience.

Among the new improvements, you can start your passport application from a smartphone or a computer.

Nigeria passport: How to apply:

  1. Visit http://passport.immigration. gov .ng
  2. Upon opening the website you will be prompted to click the ‘Continue’ button or click ‘Apply from outside Nigeria’ if applying from outside the country.
  3. Note that the new passport application portal is for applicants from Nigeria.
  4. Click Start New Application
  5. Click New n Apply for or Renew/Reissue Passport (if you are renewing your Passport). )
  6. Pr Enter other required information.
  7. Click Next to complete the passport application form online.
  8. Pay (also online) and obtain the application ID and reference number.
  9. Print Filling out the guarantor’s form (using the application ID and reference number) to be signed by a guarantor and an oaths officer in a court of competent jurisdiction< /li>
  10. Submit the completed passport application form with other requirements in person to the passport office selected during the online payment process for further processing.

Note: You must appear at the selected immigration office for photo and biometric collection.

Aregbesola encourages immigration to treat passport applicants as customers.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola has the impo Tasked change officials to always treat passport applicants as customers at all times.

Aregbesola did so on Tuesday, April 12 in Abuja during a two-day awareness program for Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) passport protocol officials. known.

Speaking at the workshop, the former governor of the state of Osun stated that he would implement the tracking and monitoring of passport applications in other countries to address complaints about the confiscation of to reduce passports.


26 countries Nigerians can travel to without a visa

In another Development, the 2021 Global Passport Index showed that Nigerians can now travel to 21 countries without a visa.

These countries include Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde Islands, Ivory Coast, Gambia , Ghana, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau.

Others are Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo respectively.