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How To Recharge Your Prepaid Meter, Check Balance and Meter Number

Charging your electronic energy prepaid meter with credit has been simplified. A meter can be recharged if you load credit into your electronic energy prepaid meter using the customer smart card supplied with the meter.

The provided smart card is used for used to purchase, load, access or sell electricity credit.

However, a user is required to bring the card to the Nigerian Electricity Company (PHCN) for configuration.

< p class = "align-left"> After configuration, you can use your smart card or top-up card to top up your electronic energy prepayment device.

Energy credit can also be provided with a 12-digit PIN code be charged.

Follow these steps to charge your meter

2. Present them with your card. Your card also with your meter number

3. Claim and pay for the credits you can afford

3. As soon as your account is credited, you will receive a 20-digit code that will be delivered with your receipt.

4. You are expected to enter the 20-digit code using the UIU keypad.

Charging your meter with the codes

< p class = "align left"> 1. Make sure the control box is connected to a power source.

2. Now enter the 20-digit top-up code for activation. The codes will be displayed on the UIU LCD screen as you type.

3. If you have entered the code by mistake, press the red button to cancel activation. However, if the codes are correct, press the green button to activate and reload the code.

4. If the token entered is correct, the screen will display “ACCEPT”, which means the top-up was successful.

5. However, if “REJECT” is displayed on the screen, it means the code was not accepted and the recharge FAILED. You may have entered an incorrect or invalid top-up code.

Topping up with a card

If When you get home, open the card door on your monitor and insert the smart card in the correct direction as indicated on the card. Make sure that the control box is connected to a power source.

An icon like this “——-” is displayed on the monitor unit’s LCD screen.

This is an indication that your meter and your card are communicating (the credit is not fully loaded).

The updated credit balance of your Counter will appear on the LCD once the credit top-up is complete.

You are not expected to remove your smart card while the charge is not complete. This can damage your smart card, your meter, or both.

Check meter number, account balance and total balance

Check meter number: To find out your meter number, press 65 and then the blue button. The meter number consists of the 11-digit numbers that are displayed on the screen.

Balance: To check the balance, press “07” on the keyboard and then the blue key. The available credit is displayed in this format. (102.12).

Total credit: To check the credit used, press 07 on the keyboard and press the blue key, then wait You will be shown on the answer as shown above.