May 28, 2022

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I Can Die Anytime From Now, Nigerian Ex-first Lady Makes Stunning Remark –

  • Maryam Abacha, a former First Lady, on Saturday, April 2, called on her fellow citizens to forgive themselves
  • For your part, Maryam, who celebrated her 75th birthday, she said that she has forgiven everyone who has offended her family
  • Maryam added that God has cleansed her heart and that is why she now or may die even tomorrow

The wife of the late former military head of state, Gen. Sani Abacha, Maryam Abacha, said on Saturday April 2 that she has forgiven her family for anyone who was hurt.

Maryam said so during her 75th birthday celebration, according to a statement from the former first family, reports The Sun.< /p>

The former first lady said she can now forgive and let go of the pain because God has cleansed her heart and she is therefore ready to face death eh whenever he comes, Nigerian Tribune added.

< p class="align-left">Your words:

“Geh d cleansed my heart and I am still alive and am grateful to Almighty Allah for that. I can die now or tomorrow, I am grateful to Allah for my whole life.

“To all those who have offended us, I take this opportunity to say that I have forgiven them all. I hope we will forgive one another and God will forgive us all.”

The aged celebrant then appealed to Nigerians to forgive one another.

Abacha -Booty: I think he was trying to keep that money away from thieves, says 2baba’s fresh and personal take on Abacha.

The veteran entertainer recently took to his Instastory for a post channel in which he tried to give reasons for Abacha’s notorious looting during his regime as head of state.

If Abacha had any serious intent to steal funds for 2baba, it would be been almost impossible to recover the stolen funds.

According to him, Abacha probably stole money to protect it from the thieving nature of those in power.

The singer wrote:

“If Abacha is indeed going to steal this money, will n we won’t come back at any cost. Abi na only I think the thing. I think he was trying to keep it away from those thieving hands.”