Jul 28, 2021

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Igbo think tank flays shoot-on-sight order against IPOB members

The group has scolded the Inspector General of Police for allegedly authorizing an order to shoot against members of the indigenous peoples of Biafra (IPOB) without taking into account the protection of human rights fully guaranteed by the constitution.

The chairman of the Legal Committee of the Igbo Think Tank, Dr. Sam Amadi said at a press conference in Abuja yesterday that the group understood the government’s outrage over the insecurity crisis in the country and the spate of attacks against law enforcement personnel and state security institutions, infrastructure and assets.

He said, that Nzuko Umunna fully supported efforts to protect the lives and property of Nigerians in the southeast and elsewhere in Nigeria and condemned attacks against police officers and other law enforcement officers in the regions, and urged the Nigerian police to identify those who commit such vicious and criminals Have been guilty of actions against law and order, carefully investigate and prosecute; and use all legitimate force to prevent such attacks.

However, Amadi stated that the painful loss of men and officers was no justification for indiscriminate and vicious recourse by the Nigerian Police Chief to state violence against Nigerian citizens in the southeast was that such a statement by the Chief of the Nigerian Police showed a determination to punish Nigerian citizens in the area and deprive them of due process and constitutional protection.

He insisted on resorting to state violence against Nigerian citizens in the southeast, violates the presidential oath of office to protect the life and well-being of all Nigerians regardless of ethnic, religious and other identities.

Amadi stressed that Nigeria was in part due to failure of government across the country and in particular due to inequalities and injustices of the political leadership in Nigeria had fallen into the depths of uncertainty.

He said the group saw the IGP’s declaration as terrible, frightening and unspeakable in a democracy with firmly entrenched constitutional rights to life and due process, and stressed that it was more surprising that the chief of the Nigerian police force would make such an outrageous statement authorizing state violence in a region that has long been seething with anger over police brutality and extortion and in a region whose youth are being used by security guards were killed out of court in large numbers.

According to him, the statement shuddered the inhabitants of the southeast because it suggested a declaration of war by the Nigerian state against the people; and conjure up images of gruesome murders such as those we saw during the infamous python dance in the southeast. “