Jun 22, 2021

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Igbo think-tank writes army chief, warns of arbitrary killings

The leading Igbo think tank, Nzuko Umunna, has warned that state actors could be prosecuted in national and international forums if they fail to contain arbitrary murders in the southeast.

In an open letter to the Chief of Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Attahiru, signed by his Executive Secretary, Mr. Ngozi Odumuko, of the influential Igbo group, stated that President Muhammadu Buhari’s order to shoot “has been flatly criticized as unconstitutional,” he added that the military High Command “failed, refused or neglected” to expose allegations of the execution of the command in the southeast.
The open letter, titled “Order to Shoot and Ongoing Extrajudicial Murders in the Southeast Zone,” states that the group, made up of the cream of Igbo intelligentsia, technocrats and professionals, “are very concerned about a report from shoot-on-sight -Directive for troops in the south-east, aimed at citizens in the zone.

“The reported policy caused severe panic and excitement among residents of the zone and led some residents particularly within the Orlu axis, to flee their homes. “

The group described as” more worrying “the fact that, days after the reported directive,” the military high command has failed, refused or failed to refute this worrying report in order to reassure residents of their safety. ” “He added,” This has tended to give credibility to the accuracy of the report.

“In addition, reports of several murders allegedly committed by state actors within the Orlu and Owerri areas give the Veraci more Vent The Igbo think tank noted that aside from the criticism the president’s order to shoot on sight has left behind, “Killings based on such a directive are just arbitrary and unconstitutional, but contrary to various United Nations and United Nations conventions violate international instruments of which Nigeria is a signatory, in particular the Rome Statute. “

Warning that state actors who ordered or facilitated such murders may be dragged on in national and global law enforcement forums, the group said,” Indeed, such murders can act against genocide and crime limit humanity, for which all persons directly and remotely involved can be prosecuted even decades later. The directive and the killings associated with it can be viewed as a declaration of war on the zone. “

Noting that the southeast is still the most peaceful zone in the country, she added:” Aside from the security challenges in In the southeast zone, which could be effectively dealt with by the Nigerian police there is no justification for the current state of massive militarization and indiscriminate killings in the zone following the shoot-by-sight order. “

The group called on the Army High Command to” clear the air for this worrying directive. This will go a long way in convincing troubled citizens of their safety and wellbeing.

“We also urge you to establish a high-level body to deal with the reported arbitrary murders in the zone, in particular in the region to investigate Nzuko Umunna warned that “acts that detract from the austerity” that the perpetrators “condemn all acts of violence and call on all citizens to commit themselves to peaceful coexistence.” Compliance with the rule of law must exacerbate the centrifugal forces and ultimately expose the promoters to adhesion. “