Sep 21, 2021

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Ijaw elders demand inquiry into alleged plot to take over Bayelsa’s oil fields

The IJAW Elders Forum, in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders in Ijaw Land, has urged Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri to conduct an urgent investigation into the alleged plot of some high-ranking people in the corridors of power to expropriate his state Oil fields.

The group found that both conventional and social media platforms had been inundated with allegations and counter-allegations that some senior indigenous people in the Bayelsa State had a public service plan to dispossess the state and its own People their most important asset, the Atala oil fields in OML-46, under suspicious circumstances for their personal benefit to regain valuable goods in the general interest of the population.

In a published yesterday in Lagos Statement called on the group, among other things, to “open a competent public inquiry” to uncover the full truth of the matter and publish its findings and recommendations; initiate any other appropriate legal action, including sanctions where appropriate, and appoint a competent board of directors and management for Bayelsa State Oil Company Limited (BOCL) who can effectively conduct its business and, in particular, pursue the recovery of these valuable public assets. “< / p>

The declaration was jointly signed by the Secretary of the IEF, Mr. Efiye Bribena; Moderator, Ijaw Nation Forum, Mr. Ben Amaebi Okoro; Chairman of the BOT, Embasara Foundation, Chief Amagbe D. Kentebe; President, Home Chapter, Ijaw Professional Association (IPA), Iniruo Wills; President, IPA, Mr. Elaye Otrofanowei and President Ijaw Women Connect (IWC), Rosemary John-0duone.