Dec 9, 2021

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Ikoyi Building Collapse: Real Estate Consultant Shares how Faulty Structure Can be Avoided

Editor’s note: Timi Ajayi, a real estate consultant, says that in order to successfully mitigate risks in the construction sector, you have to hire professionals for everything.

In this interview with on Sunday November 14th, Ajayi shared his views on incidents like the collapse of the 21-story building in Ikoyi, Lagos State to be avoided.

The entrepreneur said that like other sectors there are risk factors and added that real estate is not completely exempt.

According to him, the difference is essentially that you can optimally mitigate the risks with real estate.

He said:

“As a real estate advisor and actor in the construction industry, one of the ways we can successfully mitigate risks is by engaging professionals in everything we do.

There is a lot that can be done to ensure that we have a successful project , from the substructure to the superstructure. “

He continued that the substructure are the parts of the building that are underground, while the superstructure are the parts of the building above ground.

The superstructure is the beautiful building that everyone sees and admires, but there has been a lot of professional work done e done to maintain this structure.

In order to avoid construction accidents like the sad incident of the Ikoyi building, professionals should be consulted at every stage of construction projects. From the preliminary stage to the actual construction.

He said:

“To put that in context, we would talk about it, experienced professionals from the Soil investigation / soil investigation through to the well-thought-out planning of the building, through the design of the foundation for the structure we designed, to the execution of the various project phases on site and the many other aspects of the project.

Now one thing you have to have professionals working with you on a project, it’s another thing to listen to these professionals because what is the real use if you hire professionals and don’t listen to them or let them do their work.

To be honest, if we clearly state who handles what and all parties are accountable, we have a “smooth sail”

Apart from the fact that the professionals have a ” Due diligence “the contractors are in most cases also liable for the results of the services they provide for a project.

If we do this correctly, we will certainly be more successful Have projects that not only deliver the project but also buildings that stand the test of time. So we can say with confidence that we really ‘build for eternity’. “

Collapse of Ikoyi: Structural consultants complained about construction errors 21 months ago, withdrew the service

In a leaked letter, the managing director of Prowess Engineering Limited, Murtala Olawale, who was the building’s formal structural advisor, clearly informed the building’s owner, Femi Osibona, through his company, Fourscore Heights Limited, of structural deficiencies. < / p>

Olawale went on to say in the letter headed ‘Re-Proposed Gerrard Terraces for Fourscore Limited’ that his company will be withdrawing its services because the two companies are no longer have the same vision regarding the construction.