Dec 7, 2022

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Insecurity: “A Thousand Cows Not Worth a Human Life”, Says APC Senatorial Candidate –

  • APC Benue South Senator candidate Daniel Onjeh has condemned the incessant attacks by suspected Fulani herders on some Benue communities
  • He urged urging the government to take proactive measures to salvage the situation while also striving for peace between farmers and herdsmen in Benue
  • Comrade Onjeh, who manages the refugee camp in Ojapo visited, donated food items, medical kits and other support materials

Benue – Following the incessant killings of residents in some Benue State congregations of suspected herders, Benue South’s senator candidate under the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) umbrella, Comrade Daniel Onjeh, has expressed his opinion that “a thousand cows is not worth a human life”.

< p class="align-left">Comrade Onjeh did this on Wednesday June 29th , during a visit to the Ojapo Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp to commemorate the victims of the insidious attack on Igama, Edumoga Ehaje Municipality of Okpokwu Local Government, by suspected herdsmen on Sunday 12 June.

The APC Senator candidate for Benue South and his team were received by Ojapo IDP camp manager Daniel Abah, who also gave the team a brief tour of the campground.

Onjeh described the living conditions in the camp as deplorable and made a monetary donation to the IDPs to help them with medical care, nutrition and other essential logistics.

During the course of the visit, Onjeh met with the widow of the Hon. Christian Anyebe, the APC community auditor of Ojigo. Anyebe was the victim of the macabre attack on the Igama community by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

Moved by the plight of the young widow, who cried uncontrollably as she gave birth to her twin children, Emmanuel and Emmanuella, Com. Onjeh immediately declared full academic scholarships up to secondary school level to the twins and also extended the kind gesture to her three other siblings.

Comrade Onjeh Calls for Government Intervention on Benue IDPs

In his speech, Com. Onjeh noted that the physical and social conditions at the Ojapo IDP camp require the delivery of not only food, but also medical supplies, bedding and hygiene items to the IDPs.

However, he called on the government and other relevant stakeholders to support the IDPs with the delivery of medicines and other vital logistics to improve their comfort in the camp while the security situation in their respective communities is pending so that they can return to their homes .

The APC 2023 senator candidate also condemned the bloody attack on the community of Edumoga Ehaje by suspected murderous herders, while calling on the government to ensure it does everything it can to track down the guilty of the attack and ensure they face the full wrath of the law.’ /p>

Comrade Onjeh sues for peace between herdsmen and farmers

Responding to the centuries-old feud between herdsmen and farmers in Benue state, Com. Onjeh urged residents of the Edumoga community to walk the path of peace and avoid any provocation against the Fulani herders who live in their community.

He noted, however, that the Idomas of Edumoga, like other parts of Idoma land, have welcomed and sheltered Fulanis in their communities for several years, adding that it is unfair and inhumane for the Fulanis to subject them to cruel attacks, murders and destruction repay their property and farmland.

Com. Onjeh advised the Fulani leaders to place their trust in the leaders of the Idoma communities, and in the event of an attack on any of the Fulanis or their livestock, they should contact the leaders of the Idoma community involved to pinpoint the culprits and make them pay for their misdeeds.

Onjeh further noted that since the cows are kept for sale by the Fulanis in the long term, if any Idoma human kills a cow, the culprit should be identified and made to pay the full cost of the cow, along with any other damages.

He said that payment of these damages must be mutually agreed upon leader of the Fulani and Idoma communities; instead of unleashing indiscriminate chaos across the entire Idoma community in retaliation for killing a cow.

Daniel Onjeh condemns the activities of Ogbadibo herders and offers a solution

Meanwhile, Comrade Daniel Onjeh, APC chief in Benue, says it is time for an end to hostilities while offering solutions.

He made this statement tensions in affected areas have arisen following frequent activity by armed herdsmen in some parts of Benue State.

Benue South Senate District is said to have been under siege by armed herdsmen of late .

Despite Governor Ortom’s efforts, herdsmen launch new attacks on Benue communities

Communities like Ogbadibo, Okpokwu and south of Benue state are now Main goals for the daring group.

In the Meanwhile, the Benue state government has praised the security agencies for their efforts in trying to salvage the situation.