Dec 5, 2022

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Insecurity: “Bayelsa Safest in Nigerian”, Governor Diri Tells Foreign Investors in US –

  • Governor Douye Diri has urged Nigerians in the United States to come and invest in Nigeria, especially in Bayelsa State
  • He was describing Bayelsa as the safest place in Nigeria as well as the best place with numerous investment opportunities
  • The governor of Bayelsa, responding to the incessant security challenge in the country, said that stories of insecurity were sometimes exaggerated

USA, New York – Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri has Nigerian nationals in the United States continues to offer its support despite dire threats of insecurity in the country, Premium Times reported.

Governor Diri made the appeal Wednesday, June 29, during an organized dinner his honor from the ni Gerian Consulate in New York.

Speaking over dinner, Diri remarked that although the Inse The challenges of curiosity in Nigeria are true, but can sometimes be exaggerated.

He appealed to Nigerians in the US not to neglect the country, stating that a joint effort by Nigerians at home and abroad can strengthen the country’s development.

In his speech, Governor Diri described Bayelsa as a safe haven, a peaceful state blessed with oil and gas, and urged investors not to hesitate to come to Bayelsa to invest.

He said:

“As you know, Bayelsa is known as an oil and gas state; As the world moves towards clean energy, the state is also poised for diversity because it has more gas than oil.

“We have abundant gas resources. In fact, we have more gas reserves than crude oil. So there are ample investment opportunities in the state.”

We are in agriculture now – Governor Diri

He further revealed that apart from oil and gas , Bayelsa also has agricultural potential, particularly in terms of rice cultivation.

Governor Diri said that mobilization is ongoing to get people to engage in agriculture and in all aspects investing in agriculture as a means of diversifying the economy of Bayelsa State.

Consul General of Nigeria in New York Lot Egopija also echoed the comments of the Governor at the dinner, who Bayelsa state is blessed with economic potentials for any investor to invest.

However, he urged the governor to use his time to explore business and investment opportunities , i.e ie are available to the state government.


Bayelsa State, Zipline announce important partnership to improve healthcare

Meanwhile, Bayelsa State Government has entered into a partnership agreement with a medical logistics company to help improve healthcare delivery.

This will also help improve inventory management for medical supplies across the state.

< p class="align-left">South-South residents can also make on-demand life-saving deliveries of medical supplies.