Jun 15, 2021

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Insecurity: El-Rufai calls for inter-agency cooperation | The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News —

The governor gave the advice during the meeting of the Directors of the Directorate for State Security (DSS) in the second quarter of 2021 in the Northwest States on Thursday in Kaduna.

“Any plan that aims to address the problem in only one state will, at best, lead to a temporary respite as the criminals retreat to safe havens.

” Security agencies need to step up intelligence gathering to find not just the identities, plans and locations of these criminals, but actively disrupt their ability to organize and carry out attacks on our citizens.

” But it is also very important to ensure that quick and coordinated action is usable for the standard reaction of the armed forces and the police to the abundance of resources Information that is already available, “he added.

El-Rufai said the governors of the Northwest and the Niger State said the pre-eminent fact of intergovernmental hen cooperation has already been valued in the past, such as in 2015.

” They came together to finance simultaneous operations by the federal military and the security authorities in the largely unregulated forest areas of Kamuku-Kuyambana, which encompass seven of our States extend as far as Dajin Rugu.

“These operations disrupted the cattle theft gangs but were unfortunately not sustained as an ongoing exercise to dominate these spaces and assert the authority of the Nigerian state in them,” recalled he himself.

According to the governor, the criminal gangs have become more daring and dangerous since recovering from their near defeat in 2015.

” As the lead agency for domestic intelligence and defense, the DSS plays a vital role in providing reliable information to the police and armed forces for the complete defeat of these dangerous attacks ” he added.

El Rufai warned of an impending food crisis in the country because ” farmers in various communities are unable to go to their farms if they are lucky enough to Not to do so, the criminals have fled their remote villages under pressure. ”

Previously, the DSS Director in Kaduna State, Mr. Idris Ahmed-Koya, praised the Kaduna State government for its support of the Commands.

” The current efforts of the state government to set up a drone center for information gathering and support for other security operations are very commendable. ”

According to him, the center is being used in combating of uncertainty not only in Kaduna. The state, but also the north-western and even northern central zones, play a crucial role when they are put into operation.

” Also, all of our successful operations are made possible and simplified by the necessary working instruments of the state government. The IMSI Grabber is one of those tools, ”he explained.