Sep 25, 2022

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Insecurity: Governor Okowa Reveals How Nigeria Can Be Secured –

  • The need for cooperation between security agencies and the civilian population was emphasized by Governor Okowa
  • According to him. Cooperation between security agencies and civilians to bring more peace and security in Nigeria
  • He emphasized that security is something that is not limited to the military, police or other security agencies is , but also includes civilians

There is a great need for greater cooperation between security agencies and the civilian population, according to Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta.

He says this aid will help bring more peace and security to the country.

Okowa called at a gala night on Friday to cap off a four-day defense retreat marked “Asaba 2022” held at Asaba’s Events Center.

He noted that it is a strategic strategy must give engagement of security agencies, especially the military, with the civilian population, and said n that such synergy would build trust and lead Nigerians to truly work together to secure the nation.

According to him, security is something that does not depend on the military, police or other security agencies but includes civilians because we have many roles to play.

He said:

“I believe that this nation is doing well and that there is strong cooperation between our security agencies and the local people would continue to help us achieve more peace in this nation.

While he was the Chief of Defense Staff ( CDS), Gen. Lucky Irabor, for holding the defense retreat at Asaba, the governor commended military officers and soldiers for the great work they have done for the nation.

“First of all, we thank God for a very successful defense retreat in Asaba, Delta State and I would like to take this opportunity. Again, show our delight that CDS has brought this retreat home to Asaba.

“There is no doubt that God ma Common crawl en It is possible for us to have a relatively peaceful state, and the fact that we are able to lure that retreat to Asaba is in itself evidence that the state is peaceful.

< blockquote>“In Delta State, we have worked very closely with security agencies and due to the very high level of cooperation and commitment of officers working very closely with civilians, we have been able to achieve relative peace.

” And, I am grateful to all of the security officials who have helped us maintain relative peace in this state and we pray that God will continue to help us achieve lasting peace n, not only in Delta but also in our nation of Nigeria.

“I believe that this type of retreat is the best retreat; it’s something that should be done a lot in this nation because it gives people space to really share ideas, and I think that’s what you’ve been doing in the state of Delta for the last four days.”

Earlier in his remarks, General Irabor thanked Governor Okowa for the very elaborate arrangements made by the state government to receive and house the military officers, adding that they had a brainstorming session at the retreat .< /p>

The CDS noted that the objectives of the defensive retreat had been met, adding that the retreat provided them with an opportunity to look at a wide range of military activities in order to to ensure that security has been strengthened within the country.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the 9th day, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa called on Delta to distract them from Pursui t the agenda of his ver administration.

Okowa handed over the prosecution while presenting Mr. Nicholas Ojei as Special Counsel and Mr. Azaka Ossai as Board Member of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) at Government House, Asaba .

He congratulated the appointments on their appointment and reminded them of the need to make meaningful contributions in their various positions.

Pray for God’s intervention in Nigeria, Gov Okowa Urges Religious Leaders

Governor Okowa recently called on religious leaders of various denominations in the country to organize special prayer sessions where God can intervene in the nation’s affairs.

He made the call on Tuesday February 15 while hosting the President of Nigeria’s Pentecostal Church, Bishop Wale Oke, at Government House in Asaba.

The state chief executive es Delta noted that Nigeria as a nation needs prayers to God to turn things around for the good and development of the country and stressed the myriad problems confronting the nation require prayers to be overcome.