May 29, 2022

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Insecurity persists in Nigeria because we have a weak president, Shehu Sani insists –

Senator Shehu Sani says insecurity persists in Nigeria because the president is either too timid or too weak to take action against his subordinates.

The former senator made an observation Saturday while appearing as a guest speaker on the Daily Trust’s Twitter Spaces on “Insecurity and the 2023 general election.”

Sani said : “People in leadership positions fail and they will continue to fail because we have a president who is too weak to take action against his subordinates.

“If you as a security guard , chaired by military personnel or secret services, or you preside over the local government or state and attacks are constantly taking place in your place and nothing is being achieved, it is the President’s responsibility to remove such persons and bring in new ones.< /p>

“p Security issues sometimes need things like this. There have been repeated allegations that this terrorism and banditry is perpetuated because of complicity or cooperation with security agencies.”