Jun 13, 2021

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Insecurity: Traditional ruler laments porous borders in Kwara | The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News —

The Emir of Yashikeira in the Baruten Local Government Area in Kwara State, Dr. Umaru Usman said the borders between his community and the Republic of Benin are currently very porous and have become a hiding place for bandits, kidnappers and other criminal elements Become land.

He said the security guards stationed in the area had been forced to become revenue from smugglers and urged the government to do whatever it could to curb smugglers’ activities in the area.

Usman said this in Abuja at the conference and exhibition for the 11th African Border Day and the celebration of the African Border Day with the theme “Art, culture and heritage: levers for building the Africa we want”, organized by the National Border Commission.

The emir said the security situation in the area was so dire that the forests around the border were populated by bandits, which made it difficult for the indigenous peoples, Ges to do business.

He called on the federal government to set up a proper military base to curb the activities of the criminals.

He also called on the government’s headquarters to also set up a health center in his community to build, as there was not a moment when he discovered that indigenous people were going as far as the Republic of Benin to seek medical help.

Previously, the Director General of the National Boundaries Commission, Surveyor Adamu Adaji, said in his welcoming speech that it is imperative to develop an integrated border management approach that addresses national security challenges holistically, protects and defends the borders from external attacks and also takes measures that effectively monitor the inflow and outflow of people, goods and Ensure services beyond the defined borders.

Adaji said that the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is responsible for the definition and determination of the territo attaches great importance to Nigeria’s rial borders with their immediate neighbors in order not only to understand Nigeria’s sovereign territorial jurisdiction as a nation-state, but also to pave the way for effective cross-border relations between the country and its neighbors, to promote political, security and socio-economic cooperation for to strengthen a possible African integration.