Jul 28, 2021

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ISWAP is not eligible for $7m bounty placed on Shekau – USWorld — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

The U.S. Department’s Rewards for Justice program has announced that the $ 7 million premium granted to Boko Haram sect leader Abubakar Shekau will not be granted to members of the Islamic State in the province of West Africa

“News reports today show that the Boko Haram terrorist Abubakar Shekau blew himself up in a confrontation with ISIS affiliates,” the US said on Twitter on Thursday.

“Hey, ISIS people. To be clear: No – you are not entitled to the reward for information about his identity or his location.”

The US had a reward of 7 on April 14th Millions of dollars issued to anyone with information about Shekau and his whereabouts.

About a month later, Shekau, a jihadist leader who made international headlines when his men kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls in 2014, was reported to have been lied dead while other news outlets said he was seriously injured.

It wasn’t the first time Shekau had been killed or seriously wounded.

Shekau and some of his men were on Wednesday Surrounded by ISWAP jihadists in Boko Haram’s Sambisa forest stronghold, where they were demanding that he abandon intelligence, a source said.

“To avoid capture, Shekau shot himself in the chest and the bullet pierced his shoulder “said the source. “He was badly injured.”

Some fighters escaped with him to an unknown destination, the source added.

A second intelligence source said Shekau was heavy after explosives detonated the house in which he was entrenched with his men was injured.

“We are investigating”, the Nigerian army spokesman Mohammed Yerima asked AFP via text and asked for these reports.

Shekau took over Boko Haram, formerly known as Jama’tu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, after its founder Mohammed Yusuf was killed in police custody in 2009.

Under Shekau’s leadership, Boko Haram transformed large parts of the Northeast

Angry about Shekau’s indiscriminate targeting of Muslim civilians and the use of suicide bombers on women and children, a rival faction broke up to become ISWAP in 2016 with the support of the Islamic State Group.