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‘It’s My Best Gift Ever’, Says 14-Year-Old Boy Who Received Pair of Shoes from US-Based NGO – Legit.ng

It was a sunny Monday afternoon, a public holiday across Nigeria, and a clean pair of blue leashes was the last thing on Solomon’s mind on Monday.< /p>

Solomon, a 14-year-old boy at Government Junior Secondary School, Apo in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, received a pair of shoes during a community effort by the None Should Be Naked organization in Apo Dutse.< /p>

Headed by Michelle Ayomide Soneye, the founder and CEO of None Should be Naked, hundreds of other community residents received either shoes, clothing, or both as gift items, according to the heartwarming note that signed by the team leader herself.

The obviously excited young Solomon said:

“I love something like this and this is the best gift I’ve ever had never in my life.

“People ko coming to meet us, I never thought anyone would ever think of giving me a shoe like that.

“Look I’m going to wear it to church, I’m going to wear it in wear it to school, actually I’ll wear it everywhere. When I leave this place I will show my new shoe to my friends.”

Solomon prayed for the organization and its team members and said he wouldn’t mind, None Should be Seeing Naked, a youth-led organization focused on supporting and empowering everyone through providing clothing and books, another time in the Apo Dutse Community.

Hauwa Sule, another recipient of the fabric collection, admitted she has never seen anything like it.

Sule, a 70-year-old widow, who received a black jumpsuit said she got the item for her daughter which she thinks she would love to have.

“Oh my daughter is going to love this, she doesn’t have anything like this and she really will really appreciate it,” Sule said in Pidgin.

She said the ride i n High started school in the United States of America – where she collects clothes from friends, neighbors and relatives to distribute to the less fortunate in Nigeria.

The None Should Be Naked had previously taken his ride to Pacelli School Lagos and a few other communities before reaching out to the people of Apo Dutse.

With Nigeria being their home country, said Soneye for It is heartbreaking for her to see people, especially children, without nice clothes or none at all.

The work None Should Be Naked does in Nigeria is not just for serving to save the world from harmful environmental practices that could have triggered climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality and undrinkable water. The organization hopes to offer warmth to less privileged individuals.

A new World Bank report released in March 2022 says up to four in 10 Nigerians live below the national Poverty lives line.

The report also finds that many Nigerians – particularly in the northern region of the country – also lack education and access to basic infrastructure such as electricity, clean drinking water , improved sanitation and lacking everything needed to make life worth living.

Your words:

“So me and my younger sister Yemi have 2019 None Should Be Naked because we realized there was a lot of unused clothes that would end up in landfills and harm the environment.

“And so we decided that we wouldn’t sell all those unused clothes throw away, but they throw the people in Nigeria can give .”

Procurement of clothing and other items

Soneeye further explained that the organization’s main vision is to promote the well-being of humanity through using inexpensive items ensures little or nothing to other people.

She said the clothes are sorted by asking friends and residents of their neighborhood to match things help that they no longer need.

Your words:

“We started packing clothes together, then we got a bit tired, so you go take it a step further by asking our friends, neighbors and people in our community in the US to give us clothes they no longer liked.

“And instead of throwing them away, we folded them and repackaged and we will write little notes in the bags and distribute them.”

Impact of COVID-19 on outreach to the less privileged

Soneeye explained that COVID -19 had been collecting and distributing items to the people who they needed, slowed down.

Your words:

“We had to stop deliveries in 2020 and 2021, but we’re back this year and expect that we will have more in the second half of the year.

“We are doing this because every single human being deserves to dress appropriately and it is a human right. I feel like me and my sister are so privileged and by having access to these things we have to help in our own little way from some of their basic needs, I mean that’s what humanity is about. “

Possible extension for None Should Be Naked

Soneeye confirmed that the organization does not only focus on clothing and shoes for the people living in Nigeria live below the poverty line but also hopes to distribute books and other learning materials to school children in communities.

“To see how happy the children are about these articles are just something else. Mimi dresses humanity, she started doing this when she was a little girl and she just wants to make sure nobody goes naked and that’s why I’m here to support her.

For That means for I also know that we still have people who have feelings for those around them and I wish everyone could emulate that aspect of life and let’s show each other some love.”

Like us “breakaway” girls in the Enrolling Kano Community in Schools, Dad Highlights

Parents in Tarda Community in Ungogo Municipality, Kano State, have taken various measures to ensure their girls are not enrolled in school , but stay in school to complete their basic education.

One ​​of these parents is Mustapha Abdullahi Tarda, whose focus is on ensuring that girls who were married earlier, like who go to school.

Mothers in the community also encourage one another through an association supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

How 12-year-old Children’s Committee Chair encourages Kano children to go to school

12-year-old Habibu Usman, who served as a children’s committee chair, makes sure of it that the children are doing well don’t drop out of school in Gwale Municipality, Kano State.

Habibu said his committee is embarking on a door-to-door tour to to educate parents and children about the need for basic education in life.

According to Habibu, the door-to-door campaign has been successful in increasing the number of school children in Gwale increase.

Source: Legit.ng