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Jubilation As Buhari’s Government Shortlists 8000 Nigerians for Overseas Scholarships – Legit.ng

  • The Buhari government has decided to put smiles on the faces of Nigerian students with intellectual acumen and skills
  • The federal government has 8,800 in the shortlisted applicants for his study abroad scholarship program
  • Bello Mustapha, the study abroad scholarship program manager at PTDF, announced that the scholarship runs on the basis of the availability of funds, which will make the final selection

The federal government has shortlisted about 8,800 applicants out of 26,000 applicants for its study abroad scholarship program, reports the Daily Trust.

< p class="align-left">The Manager of the Foreign Scholarship Program at the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), Bello Mustapha, made this disclosure on Monday, May 23, during the start of interviews for the applicant in central Abuja.

The annual PTDF scholarship has been running since 2000 with sponsorships in Master’s and Ph.Ds.

He said:

“Specifically, we have about 8,800 for everything shortlisted by 26,000 people; we use here and we use the other centers.”

The duration of the interview explained by Bello Mustapha

Mustapha said during the interview Abuja will last three weeks , Bauchi will take a week due to fewer applicants, while hubs Kaduna, Lagos and Port Harcourt will take two weeks to cover the entire six geopolitical zones, Daily Nigerian added.

On the expected number of people to be selected for the start of the 2022/2023 session in September, he said: ‘I think last year we took three for MSC and two for PhD, so I don’t know that year would have to we look at our budget before I think we make the final choice.”

But he said there was a concession for the oil producing states.

< h2>Countries where the candidates would be sent

The selected candidates we are educated in the UK, where PTDF has an 18-university pact; Germany, Malaysia, France and China.

Mustapha said none will be sent to China this session.

He said:

“Now we have some in China, although we are not resorting to China this year because of the global pandemic.”


The PTDF Officials said those educated in the past contributed to Nigeria’s economy.

Travis Scott’s Foundation Donates N41.5b to Top Achiever Graduating College

Travis Scott has helped ease some of the financial burden on college grads across the country.

Travis Scott Rewards Top Students

On Tuesday , May 17, Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation announced that it will award N41.5 billion in scholarships this year to students from 38 Historically Black Colleges and Univers ities (HBCU).

People report that the sum was divided and distributed to 100 students.

Boy bringing poultry to school, to pay tuition debt gets stipend

Mathews Simiyu, an SS-2 student at Holy Trinity High School in Saboti, Kenya, had been sent home and he resorted to it returned to carrying a fowl to the facility in hopes of being admitted back to class.

According to a report by K24, Simiyu had not paid his tuition for a year and was asked to bring everything from home to clear the arrears before he resumed his studies.