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June 12: 5 Major Statements Buhari Made in Democracy Day Speech –

  • On Sunday, June 12, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation on their Democracy Day
  • His speech focused primarily on the security of the nation, the upcoming general elections and the peace of the country
  • Meanwhile, this Democracy Day address will be the last for President Buhari as he would surrender by May 2023

President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation on Sunday 12 June to mark her Democracy Day.

The security of the nation, the 2023 general election and the peace of the country were the main highlights of his speech, reports The Cable.

In the meantime, this would be the last Speech on Democracy that the President would deliver as he would be handed over to a new leader by May 2023.

Besides the general In highlights above, below are 5 key statements the President made in his short Democracy Day address;

1. Dropping the coat

Buhari’s 2022 Democracy Day speech shows that the President is packing his bags and has nothing else to offer in terms of economic growth.

He addressed the dwindling security situation in the country. The reason for this is the terrorist attack on the Catholic Church of St. Francis in Owo, Osun state, which killed about 50 innocent believers, including children. He also recalled the many victims kidnapped across the country and the many deaths due to insecurity in the north.

He said:

“On this special day, I would like us all to keep in our thoughts and prayers all the victims of terrorist activity. I live daily with the sorrow and concern for all these victims and prisoners of terrorism and kidnapping. I and the security authorities are doing everything to free these unfortunate compatriots and compatriots safely.”

2. The IBB regime is the worst

one of them The remarkable thing that Buhari clearly pointed out in his speech was that the military regime of Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida is the worst leadership that Nigeria has ever suffered

Buhari said:

“On June 12, 1993, Nigerians saw the best in our citizens as we all peacefully went to the polls. On June 24 June 1993 we too saw the worst of our leadership when the elections were canceled.”

3. Political ambition is not a do-or-die affair

Buhari reminded politicians that your pursuit of political office should not be anything but anything.

This statement must refer to All Progressive, according to political analysts Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Presidential Flag Bearer of the United States Congress (APC) who is willing to fight dirty if necessary to become the next President.

Tinubu’s words and body language said it all, and Buhari is worried about the consequences that may result from his despair.

4. The Main Mission

It is interesting to know that Buhari knows that one important thing he now owes Nigerians is not just free and fair elections, but peaceful ones with minimal ones Damage coupled with a smooth transition of power.

Yes, the President has been overwhelmed by mounting security challenges over the past seven years, but there’s no excuse for a failed election that wasn’t reflects the decision of the people.

The President said:

“To the voters, I am pleased to announce that our government at all levels over the past 7 years have made significant investments to reform and improve our electoral laws, systems and processes to protect your votes.”

5. Nigerians Must Be Careful

Full Knowledge Well, as most Nigerians tend to forget their history and are unable to learn from the past, Buhari issued a subtle warning, that citizens need to shine their eyes as they elect leaders in the 2023 general election and beyond.

Buhari said:

“We must never Victims of heroes of Nigerian democracy forgotten in 1993. Their patriotism and peaceful struggle should guide our actions, especially when it comes to electing our leaders and holding them to account, now and in the future.”

Democracy Day: Ambassador TY Buratai closes aligning with party politics

Buratai was noted to have made the announcement on Saturday, June 11, during a symposium organized by Arewa House, where he was a guest speaker The former army chief is following in the footsteps of ex-army generals such as Olusegun Obasanjo, Muhammadu Buhari, David Mark and a host of other ex-military officers who, after entered politics after their retirement.