Dec 7, 2022

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Just In: Anambra Government Demolishes Influential Nigerian Pastor Odumeje’s Church –

  • The Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, commonly known as “Odumeje”, had quite a few sad days in Onitsha today, Thursday 7th July
  • It was sad for the popular man of God who, while trying to stop Anambra government officials from destroying his church, was dealt with in the process
  • Reportedly The demolition exercise was in line with Onitsha’s urban renewal plan led by Governor Charles Soludo. Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere announced Thursday afternoon, July 7th of the state of Anambra destroyed the Ministry of Intervention and Liberation at the Mount of the Holy Spirit, which belonged to the Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, commonly known as ‘Odumeje’ in the trading town of Onitsha.

    Indeed made a number of videos circulating the internet about how the prominent cleric was being roughly treated by Armed Taskforce officials.

    The demolition followed due process

    This was consistent with the Onitsha Urban regeneration plan led by Governor Charles Soludo.

    The structure is believed to have been built along the Nwagene Stream and had to be removed to implement Onitsha’s urban regeneration plan.


    Nigerians react

    For some he should have shown his power as a “lion”, while for others the step of Anambra state government officials complained.

    Ogbuefi Ikeanyi Anthony asked

    “Why did he go there to create a scene in the first place? He already knew they had to demolish the place, he should have removed all his belongings by date, he should have avoided this embarrassment…”

    Mfon Udoema meant

    ‘Tomorrow the same uniformed men will complain when their claims are not paid and demand sympathy from the populace.

    “Overzealousness and zeal for wrong things is not meticulousness.”

    < p class="align-left">Felix Agha said

    “He should have avoided the ’embarrassment’ by apologizing from there. The location of the building is poor and I believe it was duly notified. Just that sometimes men try to surpass themselves.”

    Nkoli Ada Onicha said

    “Indabosky Bulldozee

    “Demystified .

    “Why didn’t he disappear in front of you? He must have been fired. Why confront government officials?”

    Debbs Imumolen lamented

    “It’s really unfair after you destroyed his church you still mistreat him


    Reve Lation said

    “He said he has many powers in store, but he only uses the ” Indaboski-Bahose”.

    “I wonder what would happen if he unleashed the rest. These people had better watch their backs.”

    Explained Ife Anyi

    ” The government should not let Odumeje unleash the remaining power it cannot touch may.”

    Indabosky preacher Odumeje shows gentle side, sitting like a princess while posing with daughters in cute photo

    The popular Nigerian pastor Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje recently took to social media to post an adorable photo of himself and his daughters.

    In his Instagram story, the controversial preacher shared a p hoto of himself and his girls, who are wearing matching powder blue outfits with gold embellishments. Odumeje also completed his look with a shiny gold shoe.

    The preacher then joined his daughters, who looked like little ones Princesses sat on the floor and smiled at the camera.

    Nigerians blast Calabar pastor for challenging Odumeje

    A Calabar pastor named Goodheart Val Aloysius previously had the controversial prophet Odumeje over the affair of the late comedian Ada Jesus challenged.

    According to him, Ada’s affair revealed that Odumeje is not a prophet and he lacks the powers. Goodheart noted that the miracles are arranged and staged in his church.

    The Calabar pastor challenged Odumeje to a rain duel at Abuja’s National Stadium. He noted that media houses will be present to cover the event.

    Many who responded did not support Goodheart as they criticized Goodheart.

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