Mar 22, 2023

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JUST IN: Community Leader Reveals Huge Amount They Pay Terrorists To Allow Them Farm in Kaduna –

  • A community leader in Birnin Gwari district council in Kaduna state said residents of various villages are paying N$400 million in taxes to terrorists operating in the area
  • < strong>Alhaji Zubairu Abdulra’uf confirmed that the payment to the terrorists is usually made in three phases so that they can go to their farmland
  • According to Abdulra’uf, residents of communities in Birnin Gwari have become hopeless and frustrated by the situation

To enable them to continue with their daily activities, the Birnin Gwari Emirates Council in Birnin Gwari local government area in Kaduna state pays around N400 million to bandits, a community leader said.

The Punch reports that Alhaji Zubairu Abdulra’uf has confirmed that the money is usually paid to the terrorists who are in the area op ere to enable the residents of the community to do their agricultural work on their respective farmlands.

According to Abdulra’uf, the people of the emirate have also tried to rebel against the Defending terrorists who continue to infiltrate and attack communities.

Speaking to journalists in Kaduna on Thursday, June 30, Abdulra’uf admitted that constant attacks on various communities in the council have halted economic activities in the region.

He noted that traveling in the affected areas has also become an impossible adventure .

His words:

“Yes, N200 million was paid to bandits in Randegi district alone.

“If you are from Speaking of Birnin-Gwari Local Government as a whole, between N$300 and N$400 million will go to this band iten.”

Three phases of tax payment to bandits


PM News reports that Abdulra’uf, while completing the three phases of the tax payment to the terrorists by community leaders confirmed that it is i It is a payment for the pre-season, mid-season and harvest season.

He said:

“You’re going to pay these bandits because they don’t allow you access to your farm. Then, at the end of the season, when you’re harvesting, give those bandits money before you enter your farm.

“And if you enter your farm after paying those taxes, they will now.” say Aside from giving them money you give a ratio of two sacks to 10 sacks with all the different grains.”

Abdulra’uf added this in the last three For years now, the people of Birnin Gwari have endured the presence, attacks and abuses of the terrorists.

Abdulra’uf explained that they were left in a hopeless condition for people in all communities in the council are already frustrated.

He said:

“When people are frustrated, they will now look for the best option for themselves is to arm yourself when the government cannot protect you.”

Poor Na News as negotiator confirms terrorists killed Abuja-Kaduna train victims in Capt ivity

A Nigeria-based publisher has confirmed that one of the passengers on the Abuja-Kaduna train, who was attacked by terrorists was shot dead.

Tukur Mamu said the victim who was shot dead while being held in the terrorists’ den is in critical condition.


According to Mamu, the Federal Government of Nigeria take measures to ensure the release of those still held captive.

Kaduna Access Reef: Expatriates classified as Terrorists discovered release another video of kidnapped victims

The terrorists responsible for the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train released another video of kidnapped victims.

In the 2 minutes and 30 seconds long The kidnapped people were seen in the video begging the federal government to come to their aid.

As a reason for releasing the new video, the terrorists explained that they were sending messages to the Nigerian authorities.